Ninja Vs Samurai

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This is pretty much my first animation, so it's kinda rough at some points
also, its quite short. I originally intended it to be much longer, but oh well...
I MIGHT make a sequel... but only if I improve haha


Pretty cool

And you say this is your first... I think people better keep their eyes open and watch out, cause I can tell you'll be a great animator one day. keep up the good work.

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This was pretty nice

The art was pretty good, this being your first flash. Nothing moved awkwardly. Sound effects might be helpful, but you still had them timed to the music, which is what you wanted. I just didn't like the volume and the inconsistency of it. The music is all right, but "koto" seems old to me already, especially with the "under the sun" remix used for wii commercials and such. The only thing I can mention in terms of art (because I liked the coloring of this, actually) was how the samurai's gi becomes reversed in the end. It had an interesting story, but without any form of dialog, it confuses me as to why a ninja would attack a samurai. Great job, and I'd sure hope to see a sequel, because your animation can only get better from here.

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my rice!!!!!!!!

lol awesome video

I enjoyed this

good animation. the artwork could use a little polish but the timing, music and story was spot on. I especially like how the fight was a draw. Of course if the ninja was more worried about killing and less about being a dick than he may have one that one.

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good, good

love the idea, it was really well done for a first, my first didnt go so well.
there was room for improvement

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4.28 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2009
3:19 PM EDT