Ninja Vs Samurai

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This is pretty much my first animation, so it's kinda rough at some points
also, its quite short. I originally intended it to be much longer, but oh well...
I MIGHT make a sequel... but only if I improve haha


good flash but wth

anytime a ninja goes against a samurai, ninja wins....kinda the reason the ninjas became ninjas. plus the ninja woulda kill the samurai not knock his food out of his hand... u need to research more about ninjas
overall not a bad flash at the most, worthy of a 9

Pretty good

I'm pretty sure if the ninja got to strike first without the samurai noticing, he would have just killed him in the first place though. A ninja never would have gone for the rice bowl with the first shuriken if he intended to kill the samurai... lol

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that was really well done

thats pretty much how it would go too lol

Holy Shinto!!!

Wow, that was really good. I can't believe that was even your first try at a flash, usually most people's first tries are just crappy animations with lame humor that usually doesn't even make sense. The animation was very fluid, the music made it great, some pretty dynamic camera angles and movements that made it all come together quite nicely. And this also wasn't, "Hey, I'm a ninja who knows how to make eight billion of myself" "Oh yeah, well I'm a samurai who knows how to make sonic booms with my blade! We shall fight!"

The only things that I do have to say is that some of the actions seemed a little...just awkwardly drawn. Like hand placement when the samurai held his hand on the hilt of the sword. And just like everyone else said, the eyes, though the eyebrows were significant as well, eyes would help out greatly to help tell the story.

Some minor almost insignificant details, for the most part, when a sword was sheathed, it would be blade up, and on the right side. Also, when they hold their swords, if they were holding it two handed, their left would be all the way at the top, where as their left hand would be all the way at the bottom with their pinkie hooked of the end. Unless you wanna make him left handed which in that case, everything would be reversed.
As for the ninja, their swords are usually straight, not curved like a katana.

It would be nice to see some more weapons as well.

Again, this was an awesome flash, and it will be a pleasure to watch more in the future.

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i ay dont improove your skill to much i like the simple look of this movie it was very fun. maybe a few more sound efects were needed though

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Jul 9, 2009
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