Ninja Vs Samurai

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This is pretty much my first animation, so it's kinda rough at some points
also, its quite short. I originally intended it to be much longer, but oh well...
I MIGHT make a sequel... but only if I improve haha


Not the rice!!!

Wow this was very good for your first attempt. The action was well balanced and the character design was rather good. Props to you for it seeming like the samurai won...power to the samurai's!!!

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This was quite impressive for it being your first flash animation,the concept of it was simple enough having a Ninja battle a Samurai but the execution of the fight was fantastic with the great character designs and the cool style of animation overall here,the music was neat and fit the flash very well so overall i enjoyed this fight very much and i think you did a fantastic job on this flash so i hope to see much more in the future from you cause you got real talent. =)

very good

very good


Very good fella, your first animation and you've got the weekly 10th!(07/15/09) Just take a look at the portal best of the week and you'll see this with your own eyes.
I don't know if you were too lazy to colour the drawings but in white and black the flash fitted very well with the music, the situation and your drawing style. And I have to say: you've done some great movement effects with the pencil! The shuriken part is a good example. So much lines and all of then were perfectly put. And every time the two swords hit there were sparks.
I also liked that the ninja used his feet to attack (not only the blade), while the samurai only used his sword. They had different ways to fight.
And you've put an introduction before the fight and a funny scene at the end. These things help a lot to increase your score.
If your drawings were better I'd give you a 10, but this is something you'll have to train in order to make then better, so I won't complain about it.
You sure have a future, buddy. Let's see if your next work get the weekly first.
Good luck.

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great animation
plz, seqel?

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Jul 9, 2009
3:19 PM EDT