Sonic/Shadow Eng Caramell

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just the same thng as the other Caramelldansen, only with english lyrics, i already know it's a little softer then the other one. same as the original version, i'm only looking for positive feed back and i'm only gonna listen to it.

*Edit* well, everyone thinks these are 8 bit sprites, i'm just gonna correct everyone a little bit, they are 16 bit :P just wanted to make sure everyone knew that


How very innapropriate.

Heres a suggestion:

Instead of copying an already lame idea, create some original humorous work.

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Payne-Serge responds:

this was a test of my skills


why did you post this same flash twice?

Payne-Serge responds:

this is the english version... listen to the lyrics


This flash deserves atleast a 2.87 (1.55 / 5.00 (+ 0.062)
Nice but you need to put more then a dancing icon ya know.

Payne-Serge responds:

well, it was suppose to be simple, but got any suggestions?


A background would be nice. a larger window would also be an improvement.

it's just that it's just like all the other Carmell dansen videos on youtube. Newgrounds just isn't the right place to post this video.

maybe if you did a Pico// Nene version? ( please don't shoot me NG)

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Payne-Serge responds:

a who and who?

eww again...

Regardless of the lyrics, it's still techno and I hate it. Same pointless and dumb premise. If your gunna even try to make something like this, use more animation!

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1.54 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2009
12:54 PM EDT
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