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Skull in Connemara

rated 4.30 / 5 stars
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Jul 8, 2009 | 9:12 PM EDT

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Author Comments

*edit* Frontpage! Thanks Tom, you're a doll! A sexy sexy doll! :3

Brace yourselves good folk of Newgrounds, this is not the sort silly weird cartoon you're used to seeing from me, and it's not the sort of stuff I'm used to creating. It kind of freaked me out having to be serious for the past week.

A few months ago a close friend of mine Justin Stephens told me he was directing the play A Skull in Connemara and asked if I would create an animated introduction for it. I said yes.

This animation was created to be twin projected onto the back wall of theatre before the beginning of the first Act of the play A Skull in Connemara, with the audience looking through the set and a layer of mist to see it. The result was very atmospheric, and I should be able to upload a recording of it in action soon so you can get a better idea of the final result. I've embeded a video of it in the newspost on my userpage so you can get a better idea.

The style was dictated by both the play, the music, and a story outline for this introduction which Justin created and gave me, which is quite a dark black comedy set in rural Ireland, about a man who has the job of digging up the old bones in the local cemetery to make room for the newly dead.

It's about a 60 / 40 split between rotoscoping (drawing over footage of actor Paul Kennedy) and my imagined animation, all created on a wacom cintiq drawing in white then "scratching back" with the eraser to create a scraper board or wood cut sort of look.

I hope you like it, and please leave me a review letting me know what you thought of it.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


wow man this is like soo cool man like narly

TheBoogley responds:

narly has a g at the start... "A G," you ask, "Are you sure?" and I say yeah, I'm sure, I know it's weird.
It's a silent G, waiting in the darkness with it's AK. :3


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


really good, but to much of mirror effect (why?)
vote 5

TheBoogley responds:

the mirror effect had to be used so that the audience could see the film from either side of the theatre when parts of the set might be blocking the screen. :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

How can it be rated realistically at this site?

I have to give it a 5/5, 10/10, *have* to, because look where you put it. Gee, let's see, uh:

(A) cock jokes, gore, huge honking absurdities, goofy voices, jiggy sprites, ventilated psychoses, and all the rest of the actually really entertaining traditions of cartooning gone loco via the widespread availability of Flash


(B) dramatic storytelling, atmospheric music, fluid animation, and purely artistic expression in the traditions of more, well, traditional animation in the same vein as "Fantasia" or "The Sorceror's Apprentice"

I think I'd have to give (B) the higher rating for the original purpose of the rating system, to lend creedence to a claim of artistic integrity and purpose. But then again I give (A) 5/5 and 10/10 because it has a rabid baby with a chain saw sawing cocks off of zombies who then surprisingly gets eaten at the end by some deus-ex-dinosauri sort of crap, and then the goofy ass voice acting and kleptomaniac midi soundtrack are just icing on the cake.

So of course something as ambitious as "Skull in Connemara" has to receive the highest possible rating, because so would, by experience, a photograph of some irritated man driving a boy around in a minivan with a Sonic Hedgehog in the passenger seat and a bunch of unintelligible screaming gets 5/5 10/10 as well.

But as far as whether there is a "deep, intelligent story", or "depth", or "brilliance", I dunno. I mean, there's really no plot per se. Had the climax resulted in some conflict that the audience naturally wanted to see resolved, we could say there is plot and therefore depth. As far as "depth" I'd have to say it's actually rather one-dimensional. A person makes a grevious mistake with deadly consequences and has feelings of remorse that lead them to do abnormal things. As far as depth or dimension, it really resembles one of those Public Service Announcements against drunk driving gone one step too far, like:

"So remember Susie and Jimmy, don't go around driving drunk, or Jimmy's going to find himself laughing his days away in a happy room wearing a love myself suit" . . .

With a dash of "kids, try not to do things that lead you to psychotic fits of desecration".

If the guy had gone on to murder everybody that was in the pub that night, or just to go and randomly murder everybody in the pub at a given time, or just to murder his cat, that would have added one tiny infinitesimal amount of "depth".

If the guy had simply vomited or pissed his pants at the end, or gotten a visible erection, that would have been NewGrounds and there's no way you can get a 6/6 11/11 here at NewGrounds, so. . . like it or lump it, I guess! (?wtf?)

TheBoogley responds:

I love you sir, and everything you stand for! :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


You rarely see such a well planned out, deep, intelligent story, in an animation. Grats, and excellent work.

TheBoogley responds:

thanks zezagon, send news back to your home planet zoonamondo! :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is a good.It is very unique.rated 5

TheBoogley responds:

I don't know, this movie might be too dark for five year old... I'd rate it 13+...