Coal, Wood, Rivers

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I was in an experimental class where we were putting together a show to go on the local WOUB and I was doing various graphics work like for lower thirds and these three animation. I'm not going to explain the whole show but they basically we where doing the first three episodes and they were themed as Coal, Wood and Rivers respectively. and I did a piece of each ep.

I had pretty much free rein with them, from concept to execution I just did whatever... and now I'm putting them here for you guys to all check out! :D


its so funny XD

yellow burch yellow burch yellow burch

Silky dog wood

was the river by any chance full of shrooms or weed because that guy was blown

Im dying!

Im so tired Im about to fall off my chair, and the trees are driving me f***in insane!
But its nice :D

i can see why you didnt win an award....

i could see what you were going for with the tree part but some of it just didnt really fit. i dont know if you were trying to make the dad sound like an idiot or you just rushed and used the first attempt at voicing it. and pretty bad lip synching.
ill give you a 2/10 for effort
and another 2/10 for animation style


I enjoyed the style of all three. 'Coal' and 'Rivers' made me laugh. Great work.

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Jul 8, 2009
4:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Original