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Culture Clubbing

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The latest Captain Capitalism... Culture Clubbing.

This piece was inspired by what I thought Schoolhouse Rock was trying to teach me as a child.

It starts with a great opening sequence that was animated by Sam Deats.

Before you start debating American cultural tolerance and flaming me for slightly ribbing anime, keep in mind that unless you believe that I think that Menudo is actual a plot by Puerto Rican dissident leftists to takeover America, don't believe I agree with other stuff that comes out of the Captain's mouth.

I consider myself pretty patriotic, and I respect anime but growing up in a large extended family taught me that the way you show love is to rib something mercilessly.

In tried to submit this at 12:34:56 7/8/9...but my dimensions were too big

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i love the animation and some of the jokes were funny. but i doubt you understand what capitalism really is. im a straight up capitalist and i always watch anime. with free enterprise its hard not to have free speech and free media so if a communist government country (north Korea for example) didn't want american cartoons on their screens, they would just ban it. i would not (as a capitalist american) ever block foreign media in this great country of ours. and have a little comparison between a leftist and a right wing country and you will see the difference. actually i have a great one, north and south Korea (you can tell i am Korean). north Korea everyone is starving to death and the original Korean culture and spirituality has been stripped from them by the communist government. and south Korea with its Constitution and its capitalism (which is based completely on the american capitalist system) is thriving and is wonderful, the cities are growing, the trade is increasing, the television, movie, entertainment business is booming.
also japan after ww2 based it trade and economic system on the american capitalist system so we can have anime!!!!! people want to get paid for making awesome anime and they give a product that people want to spend their money on. and if the anime is absolutely wonderful and everyone loves it you can become wealthy off of your product, whats not to love?

what did you say? im to busy watching anime

You making more

Sadly this is one of the most culturely and not culterly corrrect cartoons out there are you making anymore?


A truly great and nicely animated satire. It makes me sad to see so many of the reviewers miss the point though. Kepp em coming and btw, love the Bill Bixby reference.


Right now I'd like to blast Captain Capitalism out of a window, particularly with an anime attack / weapon. Maybe I'll sick Natsuru on hyis troll-logical ass.

Otherwise the humor is kinda meh. I really didn't laugh. Saw some of it coming, seeing as it was based on anime.