Wreckage Ball V2

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V2 of Wrecking Ball!

Use a virtual wreckage ball to kill your favourite video game charaters (Don't Call me evil I have nothing against the charaters in my game I just thought it'd be fun to make a game where you kill video game characters)
This is much better than V1 of Wreckage Ball....I have also added a shop and auto save feature so you don't have to worry about your save game being lost... (Your save game will continue into V3 if enough people want me to make V3 (Say in your review or PM me))
I have properly credited everyone in the credits so before you complain that I didn't make something read the credits)

~Enjoy and plz vote fairly.
~ go see how much this game has improved from V1 here (don't forget to remove everything in the "" http://www.newgrounds.com "REMOVE"/portal/view/5016 06
"If you wan't to do something in V3 PM me and I can get you to do...Art, Music or something else depending on what you want to do"



Great game!!!
Fun and funny, good idea but I think it was too easy... so on the 3rd one, make more levels and make them a bit harder!!!
Oh and how do you play lvl 4?

MadDogga responds:

Soz Lv 4 isn't complete yet.....


Credit me as a artist or misc for game testing and the pokemon background!

MadDogga responds:

Your in the credits but I don't think its fair to collab with just you as If I do then everyone in the credits will want collab credit......
I thought about it last night.

Not bad

This is game actually was pretty enjoyable the minutes of gameplay you got from it

Liked the music on all of the levels and so on.

The only thing that I found that wasn't so good about it was the shortness of it, only three levels working, but thats nothing that brings the score down too much.
So if you're gonna make a third make it longer and add more items to the shop

Good job, keep it up :)

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MadDogga responds:

No prob thanks to this games popularity V3 is in progress however I really need some artists to help with better art in V3 so plz PM me!!!!

it was fun

it was quite fun and addicting but just to let you know the ads on the load screen werent working which isd what i find everyday because n00bs cant use tha api

MadDogga responds:

They weren't working cos my game was getting checked to make sure they're suitable if you play it in about a day the API will be working!! I AINT A N00B! look at V1 it has ads in it!!!!!!!!!!! So plz think before you review. As your submittions seem more N00bish.

A good idea

Good idea, but you should work more on the upgrades side, upgrades makes any player love a game! When I bought the pokeball it was a bit disapointing as it did nothing

MadDogga responds:

It changed your wreckage ball into a pokeball!

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3.35 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2009
3:30 AM EDT
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