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I have just gotten a pen tablet and figured I might as well try it out.

I've never animated before therefore I've done this all frame by frame for the most part.
It finishes before the music ends merely because the music is a loop.


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Very very nice

this is nice

i like this kind of art, the background color makes it very nice too, its this kind of careless drawing i'd love to put as artwork if i ever do some CDs with my tunes

Pretty good

I really enjoy this style of animation there is just enough detail to get the point to theveiwer

Tysuru responds:

thank you.
I've always loved the frame by frame story unraveling sort of thing.
Perhaps I'll keep trying it.


Good, but missing some basic things.

I thought it was well done and the animation was good, but you didn't put a replay button, and instead had the person wait until it would play again.

Always put in a replay button, it makes it a lot easier for people to enjoy your movies.

7/10 4/5

Tysuru responds:

Thank you =]

*i dont know how to...* cough* nor how to make a preloader* *ehem*


it's hard...

but I will next time I'm sure.
I need to learn em eventually anyway

I love the message

even though this flash is a bit dull due to the colorless images, but gives a great effect to the audience with its amazing message that have been inputted to the art work. The message is the thing that gave this flash a 10 star then a 8 lolz

Tysuru responds:

Truth be said,
I randomly put that there out o the sudden impulse to. haha

Now I am very glad that I did =]