First Date Goes Awry

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This animation may be the only one I created which I don't think is that crappy compared to my last submission on here. Though it could use a lot more improvement. This is also a filler for a movie which may be debatable to put public, since it is very weird. (The movie)
I am not sure if this is worth showing since it introduces something that comes after it. Maybe it isn't considered a preview or demo. Since it is actually finished.
I wasn't sure where I got the background music from, since the audio was created long ago.

Voices include: Lara Torres, Skyler Halsema, Dario Torres, Trent Bell, Kyrie Alright, Ruben Torres.

(C) Lady Lara



great animation :D


The execution could be done better, try to check and double check your movie enough before posting it, the animation was jumpy and awkward sometimes but you'll find your own way how to fix those flaws in time, just keep on improving.

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PurplePlanet responds:

Thanks. I should have used 24 fps.

Keep trucking buddy

Enjoyed the cartoon, and despite some its flaws showed some real technical skill. With time and practice I can see you being a truly great artist.

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PurplePlanet responds:

Yes, flaws were visible, but I shall get better with practice. This review was helpful, thanks a lot!

Very funny

At first I thought that the first date going wrong would have something with the guy saying something totally wrong, but you surprised me with the car accident. The conversation afterward was really "Mad TV"-ish in the comedy department...and I do like "Mad TV". The thing that really made it work, I think, was the child-like quality of the artwork, which kind of implies innocence but it was applied to a situation that was anything but innocent.

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PurplePlanet responds:

Really, now? I appreciate this comment. Yes, the quality of the artwork is indeed childlike, I may need to work on the style. ^^; Glad you liked it! And Mad-TV is pretty funny. I guess you can say I get my inspiration from that.


I mus say, I like what style you've developed so far. I love the voices of the dogs in the car, they're just great. But whoever did the one girl in the beginning needs to get a better mic. Graphically speaking, you need to clean up your outlining. Try adjusting the smoothing on the brush tool and experimenting with that. I like what you have so far so keep up the good work.

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PurplePlanet responds:

Well thanks!
The girl at the beginning (Skyler) did need to have a better mic.
Unfortunately, I need voice clips very quickly and took what I could get.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2009
3:41 PM EDT
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