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How to NG Animator God 2

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It's been two weeks since our first tutorial, and it's obvious you people have learned nothing. So we're here to spread the awesome yet again. The end is the best part. And watch for a Tankmen parody aswell.

The scene at the end and the Tankmen parody are now on Youtube.

Thank everybody for Daily Second, Weekly 12th, and the coveted FRONT PAGE. We did this for you guys.

There are a few reviews we have 80 of already, so you're not being clever if you leave a review saying that you voted 1 2 3 or 4, or that we didn't include all our own advice in the final animation. The string is a guide, John. It's just a guide.

PROOF that boobs in the icon=success, this has more views than Facebook Twitter by JohnnyUtah (Which kicks ass, btw)

YOU RULE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A look into a simpler time. Loved every second of it! :D

these old newground videos really take you back to what the internet used to be like. i love it


Hello. I like video..... Me play it again and again. thank you for time, super duper fun time. penis penis dick boob

Still holds up today