The Land Of Forever

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To Everyone complaining about this cartoon lagging on their computer get an upgrade bitch and stop whining and hoping that someone will feel sorry for you and donate a stick of ram to your bitch ass. I talk shit because I'm the best on Newgrounds and I've made homepage more than any other user here. Fuck all of you who score me Less than 5.

This is an original song produced and written by me, the video was animated by me as well.....This is truly a MegaPwnage Production. Remember you can all kiss my ass, and thanks for the homepage feature that I'm gauranteed.


in the words of simon

This is an utterly atrocious mound of unadulterated poo. its not funny the frame rate is moving at the speed of a constipated elephant Its not even worthy of being called an attempt not even an attempt at trolling plus even on a comp that is running completely new hardware it still lags says alot for the creators skill! Go take a few lessons in creating flash maybe some from the fine people here shove your trollish attitude and come back till then..someone..please send in the next one..


Randomness is not enough to make this Flash funny. Not only that, but this thing lags like hell, even on Low Quality. No, it has nothing to do with the quality of my computer, you stupid punk (a reply to your last smart-ass remark to me). I have a high-dollar video card, as well as a high-speed Internet connection on my network.

Maybe if you didn't talk shit in your comment description and your response entries, then I would've given you a higher score, but there just isn't much here to rate. The graphics are amateur, the sound sucks, no interactivity, no style, no violence, the humor is terrible...


Plus, you're rude and immature. Perhaps you should try listening to constructive criticism from now on, or else your Flash animations will never improve.

0 stars (0/10)


This kinda of stuff is why I get up in the mornings. Good job!

Your having a tough time!

Its great you can use FL Studio.. kinda lol
Your animation is quite senseless to be honest, your not going to be amazing in just a week dude, it takes a lot of time!

Hell i've been producing nearly 5 years & I'm still learning everyday!

Just really practice before posting things up buddy, its hard work we ALL no because the huge majority of us animate & produce. Just really really really work on your frames instead of just 2 frame movements, make it run smooth & not as sharp as this, I'm giving you good advice buddy, these other guys didn't even say anything constructive which is why I'm writing.

Try some shading too bud, then you should get a better score!
My bro animates & he spends months at a time making just 1 animation & wow its worth the patience man!

Try spending a lot of thought in your work & no rush, NG will still be here when your done!
Good luck with your future animation buddy.
No one is a pro to begin with...

Knowledge speaks, Wisdom Listens "Jimmy Hendrix"

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No plot. Horrible animation. And the song was just the same words in different pitches. Try again...

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MegaPwnage09 responds:

It does have a plot you dumb son of a bitch, i'm tired of people like you and these stupid comments. Why don't you go eat michael jackson's underwear with extra salt and tie your hands together before you jump in a 14ft pool.

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1.10 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2009
3:10 PM EDT