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Cereal Wars!

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Es una batalla entre el tigre toño que, en ingles se llama tony the tiger y sam tucan, pues en el menu dice zukaritas porque esa es la traduccion mexicana de flosted flakes, y este flash es una pelea al estilo dbz donde el tucan viene siendo el malo.
Ase mucho ya habia terminado la animacion, pero no tenia el sonido y hasta ahora lo pude terminar.

This flash is about an epic battle between Tony the Tiger whose name in spanish is El Tigre Toño and Sam Toucan whose name in spanish is El Tio Sam. Well, in the menu says Zukaritas because trhat is the name in spanish of the Frosted Flakes Cereal, and this flash has a Dragon Ball Z fighting-style in which the toucan is the antagonist.
I had finished this flash time ago but i didn't have the sound, so this day i finished it completely.

The spoken language in this flash is Spanish but it has english subtitles so everybody can enjoy it =)

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would have been way better....

if it wasn't based on a DBZ motif. It would be way funnier if you just had Tony the Tiger scream "I can't take it any more! No more dry cereal! I'm a carnivore, damnit!" and then flip out and go on a meat binge. Since he surrounds himself with children in the commercial, he should act like a starved tiger and start with them, heh heh. And maybe then he goes after the trix rabbit, but they come to a mutual understanding since the same damn kids are always such bastards to him, and so then they recruit the leprechaun from Lucky Charms who also is always having his cereal stolen by rotten kids, and they design a virus and put it in the cereal that will turn all who eat it into tigers, rabbits and leprechauns, and after turning their greatest enemy into an army of tigers, rabbits and leprechauns, they declare war on Captain Crunch, General Mills, Old Navy and the Salvation Army. Now that would be fucked up and funny.

Lemuras responds:

Dude, it's been 6 years and now I'd really like to animate that story


y el tigre le rompio el culo!! JAJAJA, muy buenas jodas sobre kellugs. pero yo creo que gana el elefante... un momento que fue eso despues de los creditos una continuacion?
espero la secuela con ansia
me pregunto si va a ver nuevos aliados y otras boludeces


Ok with the animation, superb the topic, Keep it like that Roxas

Barras energéticas.

¿Su ataque es frutilupis? Dime qué sí XD
Me mató de la risa.
El final ójala hagas otro, pero me siguen gustando más los Froot Loops que los Zucaritas.

Lemuras responds:

AHAHA gracias : ), y si.. es frutilupis xD


Awesome flash, actually laughed out loud. I liked how everyone held up their flakes!

Complete with fun credit roll - cool!

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4.56 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2009
10:20 PM EDT