Aqua Man Episode 1

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The Fusion of an Underwater Alien and a random Kid creates a hero mandkind never wanted... AQUAMAN!

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this reminds me of a joke. you kno how aqua man can talk to to fish and breathe underwater. he has all the powers of SPONGEBOB!


Since I reviewed your 3rd Aqua man flash, I will not repeat what I said last time unless it is an especially prominent problem, like your characters mouths not syncing with your voices.


-The beginning was poorly executed, I didn't and don't care for the character that was pushed into the water by the gangsters because you didn't give us a reason to care for him.

-The gangsters were unexplained in the plot, and were generally unimportant.

-Aqua man's reasoning and motivation for fusing with a random stranger just to solve the problems of a world he knows very little about seem shaky at best.

-Introducing the antagonist so early in your series is a mistake. And if you do introduce them immediately, you should NEVER have them meet the protagonist so soon. You take away a lot of suspense amongst other things like that in the plot.

-The antagonist reason for trying to kill Aqua man is as bad as Aqua man's reason for fusing with the random person. He just wants to kill him because he is evil and he doesn't like heroes, which he just so assumes Aqua man is.


-The voice acting is horrible. It sounds like you did them all and just made yourself sound nasally or tried to deepen your voice. You should have gotten friends or something to help you instead.

-The music is the same and is still very annoying.

Other than this, there is nothing new. Don't forget to address the things I stated in your other flash as well.

Things you did better in this older flash than you did in the others I reviewed:

-Music did not overpower characters voices.

-Sound effects seemed to work better than in your other flash.

cackletta responds:

Thank you very much! I love it when people help me! I will make sure in season 2 not to make the antagonist meet aqua man so soon. Season 2 I will also try to get friends to help me out and try to make the graphics a bit more,,, not exactly better but neater if you know what I mean.


u commented on my tut about how u couldnt do it and i personaly dont think your ready for it

message me if u want a explination to the tut but i think u need to get better first
good luck


cackletta responds:

lol I know this was like 2 years ago, but the reason I mostly didn't get it is because a part said "Slide 1" when I'm used to "Frame" but yeah I wasn't ready back then, and I don't think I had the currect version of Flash anyways :P I used MX back then

Another review

lol that was awesome:
*shoots shark*
Aqua: Oh it's all peaceful down here.

If it's so peaceful why does he go around with a gun? XD

cackletta responds:

LOL good point!! xD

Clean it up

your trying i think, its great.. but use clean, normalized audio.. thats the key to MY heart (i dont know about the rest of these kids). story can be whatever.. but keep on trying~

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2.50 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2009
10:12 PM EDT