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Gwen tries on various goth outfits in this reinvention of the dress up game. Score points by trying different outfits, and earn special awards for dressing with clothes that fit together well, and choosing the most fitting hairstyle and accessories!


This doll uses my new doll engine.



It was interesting unlocking things, but I'm getting tired of achievments just for playing a game for X amount of time; makes the game seem desperate. "We never thought you'd play this for more than 10 seconds, so here's some points for doing absolutely nothing except letting the game run on your machine for a couple minutes!" Ugh.

Other than that, the outfits were good .. a HELL of a lot better than some of the other dress ups that have been coming out lately. Modern pop girl fashion is so granny and ugly. Goth/Emo girl fashion is still cool looking. Unlocking outfit combos was a nice touch.

MrAbbot responds:

Heheh yeah the timer bit was just the best way I could figure out how to insert 'inter - level' ads. And It's target is to try to get the young girls to want to play the game more. :( I wish I could have the games detect age and then behave differently based on that.

quite bad.

to start with, your doll is kinda ugly. and if you are aiming for the tween market, the music sucks. put something disney. too few choices for clothes also, and too few options that are adjustable. like make different backgrounds? stockings? gloves?

MrAbbot responds:

:O great ideas thanks! I have received alot of comments on the music not really being great. Also, the gloves is a nice touch.


All right, all right. It's better than the average dress up game as you've managed to put in a scoring system and coordinate between the clothing, that's nice.

But the only reason dress-up games do so well on this site is for the 10 seconds of fun the average 13 year old gets by UNDRESSING the girls.

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MrAbbot responds:

;P Maybe there will be some things like that in the future :)


i understand why people make games like this to get a specific audience like this is clearly targeted to tweens. the issue being that it takes the entire point for creating games out of the equation which WAS simply to enjoy playing i and makeing it, whoever liked them could shove something in their respective asses.this is takeing that pure idea that this site as started on and turning it into money. like corporations are doing to kids nowadays.

between the limited gameplay and the links to the other websites this is clearly a marketing ploy.

get them while there young i suppose

this is not what newgrounds is for.


The graphic is nicebut... what is the point of this?
Just dress her?
It show me awards.....but I don't understand the point behind them..

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MrAbbot responds:

The target audience is younger girls mostly. Long ago they use to cut out paper clothing and 'dress up' a cardboard doll. Same idea basically. It's been around for a while :)

The awards are just to motivate the girls as well :D

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Jul 5, 2009
8:32 PM EDT
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