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Michael Jackon's Return

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I Wasn't A Huge Fan Of Thriller...but my ass will be kissed after this movie. I gaurantee it. Fuck you all in advance if you don't like my movie. This movie took aproximately 3 hours to make so i hope you can enjoy the advanced intellectual humor it contains. This was not a collaboration effort I accept full credit for this submission because I am a genius like no other hahahahahah. But anywayz enough about me, i think you can all suck a ding ding a doodle dandy.

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since my last review was takin down due to the abuse i gave, which i regret, i will do a suitable review.

the animation starts off with a badly drawn disturbing looking anomoly, with a barely understandable voice that calls people watching this perverts, then it goes to a sort of musical type thing of two randomness, a stick guy with a sombrero farting and a tennis ball with lims and a sombrero dancers in front of what looks like a gravestone with the words the borders, it gets repetitive as the animation loops and repeats, the author comment is abusive to viewers and the title is irrelevant as it doesnt have anything to do with michael jacksons return.


its funny plus the zombie could be mj

Nothing to do with MJ

I was going to give you a one, but that brain-cell was killed off by this lame loop you made. The first drawing was alright, if it was your own, but other than that, this flash took no effort at all.

Three hours down the drain, my friend.


no, just no just a repeat on and on again,


it sucked......but i will say that you tried and you are doing alot better than i am....so i wont be negative about it cause i dont have a flash of my own so ye.

MegaPwnage09 responds:

You won't be negative? with that big fucking zero you gave me you big bowl of turd mouthwash!!!

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1.27 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2009
8:21 PM EDT