UMK3 New Fatalities

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YouTube link: http://www.youtubeDOTcom/

I came onto the idea to make new fatalities for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 using sprites. So I finally finished it after many months or pausing! I hope you enjoy it!

A thanks to Sethiroph from TMK for the help for Stryker's fatality and to all the others who gave me support!

P.S. What I didn't say in the credits is that I am truly sorry if I accidentally stole somebody's idea or work, cause it was not intentional. All of these fatalities (except the Stryker one) were in total my ideas.


Definitely worth watching

I gave it a 7 because, while this had excellent editing and I can tell you're very skilled, the fatalities weren't too character specific. A few were just more of the same. Nice job nonetheless.


I remember playing these games on the old sega. Kabal's was the best out of these. Noob Saibot was a close second


I wish those could realy hapen

Not bad not bad! :}

Hey. Pretty awesome, looks like alot of time was put into it and I think you did a great job with this flash. Its funny and I like it. Good job bro, keep up the good animation.

-Spiken 0

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not too bad.

I was hoping for some humor. These were too repetitive. with some exceptions, most either included variations of the original fatality or were just a new way to blow someone's head off. you did really well with the sprites though. Next time, try to spice it up with something. I just got bored watching these. No offense, I know you put a lot of time into this. So, I will be easy this time.

wladodragovic responds:

Hehehe, thanks! I kept it pretty same cause I wanted to stick to the subject and to the 'correctness' of the sprites... I might do something funny next time!

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Jul 5, 2009
4:39 PM EDT