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YouTube link: http://www.youtubeDOTcom/

I came onto the idea to make new fatalities for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 using sprites. So I finally finished it after many months or pausing! I hope you enjoy it!

A thanks to Sethiroph from TMK for the help for Stryker's fatality and to all the others who gave me support!

P.S. What I didn't say in the credits is that I am truly sorry if I accidentally stole somebody's idea or work, cause it was not intentional. All of these fatalities (except the Stryker one) were in total my ideas.

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how could someone talk while dead?,but still good!

wladodragovic responds:

Haha, that's the mystery of MK! :D

Quite good

"Mortal Kombat 3" was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. This was a good tribute, even if I was expecting some more creative things like those made by Randy-Solem. The main point is that all the sprites are done well and the feel is just the same of the original game. My favorite fatality would have to be Ermac. It just shows how many ways you can kill someone and result in them getting blown up. I noticed that the game always seemed to show numerous ribcages and skulls when one guy was dead, but you did well in avoiding that.

wladodragovic responds:

Why, thank you. :)
I was either too lazy, or too clear minded when I thought about showing a million heads, feet, ribcages, etc...

Words cannot explain how EPIC that was.

I enjoyed this very much. Here's what I think of them fatalities.

Kitana - Very imaginative way to use the Fan Lift! I love it! 10/10
Reptile - I've seen something very similar to this in MK: SM, but still very good. 10/10
Sonya - Unique way of using her Bicycle Kick. 10/10
Jax - Maybe predictable, but still fun to watch. 10/10
Nightwolf - The effects are amazing, but would of been better if there was an explosion. 8/10
Jade - Now that was kool. Quick and to the point. Heh... impale. 10/10
Scorpion - Another immolation fatality. I do believe there are too many of them, but this is still a rather kool one. 10/10
Rain - Nice effect with the lightning and love how it leaves the feet behind. Very creative! 10/10
Kano - Just like Kira's MKD fatality, only without the knives in the feet. Very nice looking in 2D though. 10/10
Mileena - ...wow. Now that's EPIC. That's Mileena at her finest. Very nicely done! 10/10
Ermac - I can see Ermac doing this... and it looks good. 10/10
Classic Sub-Zero - Very nice. The shatter effect was amazing. 10/10
Sub-Zero - Not as good as your Classic Sub-Zero one, but still good nonetheless. 9/10
Noob Saibot - Beat Scorpion up like he stole his wallet! LOL. Very nice. 10/10
Kabal - This fatality is simply epic. It's awesome. 10/10
Sindel - I would compare this to another immolation fatality, but the blue fire effect was awesome, so this isn't just another immolation fatality. It's amazing. 10/10
Stryker - Kinda remind me of Jax's MK vs. DC fatality only with more blood, and gore. I like it. 10/10
Cyrax - Looks like he took up on wrestling... of the fatal variety. 10/10
Kung Lao - Nice usage of his teleport. 10/10
Sektor - Kool to look at, but too simple. 7/10
Sheeva - The effects are kool, but it's too repetitive. 7/10
Shang Tsung - That was amazing. Poor Sonya got in a predicament she won't be getting out of. 10/10
Liu Kang - Kinda reminds me of Shang Tsung's MKII fatality, only with Liu Kang doing it. Still kool though. 9/10
Smoke - First it was a bomb, now it's a scorpion? What else does Smoke have stored away in his chest compartment?! Very nice. 10/10

Overall, I enjoyed what I saw. Keep up the great work!

wladodragovic responds:

Hehehe, thanks a lot. I don't believe it's THAT good, though.
About the bad ones, I really needed to think of ANYTHING just so every character could have a fatality.
Thanks again, I'll think about making another in a while... But not soon... :)

very nice

but some were very boring and repitive and also the smoke used in nightwolfs fatality was different to his own

Very interesting.

Let me express my feelings for each:

Kitana: Interesting, and rather creative.
Reptile: Also pretty interesting, but nothing great.
Sonya: Creative, and pretty cool.
Jax: A bit repetitive, but it was also good.
Nighwolf: Creative and interesting. I also think he should have gone boom, though.
Jade: Awesome! That's a great fatality. Still... she has two staffs?
Scorpion: Quick and to the point. Not bad.
Rain: Predictable, but still interesting.
Kano: Looks like Kabal shouldn't have been wearing them cleats. =3
Maleena: Hell yes! Just excellent!
Ermac: Better then his original fatalities, methinks.
Sub-Zero 1 & 2: Both are quite predictable, but well executed.
Noob Saibot: That was very interesting and brutal looking.
Kabal: Another excellent one, even if a bit predictable.
Sindel: Interesting and not to predictable. Also a cool effect.
Stryker: Kinda random, but it's cool.
Cyrax: Another very good one, and pretty random to boot.
Kung Lou: Can't say I saw that coming.
Sektor: Pretty much the same as Reptile, but not bad.
Sheeva: Way to predictable and repetitive.
Shang Tsune: Very good and a very interesting effect as well.
Liu Kang: Kinda remind me of that one fatality from the newer MK games. Not bad, though.
Smoke: Pretty good, but what did he drop into Sektor's mouth(?)?

Overall, a great flash. Keep up the good work.

wladodragovic responds:

Thanks for the comment!
The thing that Smoke drops into Sektor's mouth is a scorpion, and a smoking one! :D
(To the reference that in that time everyone thought of Human Smoke to be a regular smoking Scorpion. :) )

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Jul 5, 2009
4:39 PM EDT