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Like my Tank animation, this one took a couple weeks and was for a school project. This SHOULD have been my first animation, but I liked the Tank one more so I finished that first. Like the Tank one, I wouldn't be surprised if I get a low score, but it's complete. Submit and learn, right?

Edit: To address the reviews so far: This took a couple weeks using only class time (~50 minutes) while learning the software. It's not very original because of time constraints in class. Regardless, I thank you all for the feedback.



i found this pretty pointless and dumb. Really short. Doesnt have a lot of dialogue. Could use a lot of work. Keep trying and you'll eventually get it


I liked the concept, but the text was way too fast and was a bit hard to read.

Did you work on this project full-time in those weeks? Or did you put it aside and then continued?

Good effort.

It was a good effort, but it really could've been givin' some audio. Or itleast make the writing a more legible colour XD.

The tank one was better in my opinion ;)

Wow umm

This took you a couple of WEEKS wow umm do not know what to say.

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Oh, please.

Reptition isn't comedy. You can't just go to 4chan, take their stupid inside jokes, and then reuse them and think you're a comic genius. Infact, I can't imagine any reason why anyone would do that. Perhaps you can enlighten me. Why did you do that?

Come up with some original material. That's all I'm sayin'.

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Jul 5, 2009
11:59 AM EDT
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