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EDIT: The versions you may see on other websites are simply older versions of this. I am the original author of BOTH versions. I removed the older one from my Newgrounds account as I felt it needed some tweaking.

Help the poor guy escape from his house to reach a job interview whilst completing a number of objectives! This game requires you to click around, searching for useful items to help you progress. Some items are hidden, search every nook and cranny for them! You need the latest version of Flash Player to play.


This re-released version has a number of shiny new changes.



Glad to see a new version of this game! Thanks jimmy! Finally after 2 years of waiting :)

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Nice short stradegy game to play.

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very good

i simply love this game and the humor. click the word song in the top-left corner. btw love the name

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I know everybody is having some trouble here n there, so heres the walkthrough:
1. Go back towards your bed, grab the yarn
2. Click in the shadow in between the bookcase and the lame mattress, grab the red fuse
3. Go to the left door (kitchen) and grab all items in the door things - you should now have a red and yellow fuse, a stick, yarn, screwdriver, and some toast.
4. Go back to your bathroom. I know you have to use it, but since you never flushed the toilet, you are forced to combine the yarn and stick together to get the blue fuse in the hole LOL. BTW get the green fuse right next to the hole, dunno why anyone wouldnt.
5. Put the fuses in the box, and turn on the power.
6. Go to the recently lit room. Grab your pet cinderblock and turn right.
7. Look under your "table" and grab the valve. Before you go back and leave, use the screwdriver on the vent and grab the toaster.
8. Use the valve on the pipe. Wash up, kiddie.
9. Go back to the starting point and plug in the toaster.
10. Put the bread in the toaster. Just like magic, it should come out like toast! Who knew?
11. Did your pet cinderblock do something bad recently? As a punishment, throw him out the window to break the glass. Theres your ticket out. But before you go, put cinderblock on a leash. ;D

There you go, a walkthrough with some humor.

As a review, I think that this was a pretty funny game. I like stick figures, and I like trying to figure out what to do (sometimes.) I think you deserve a 10. ;D

BTW when I beat the game, it said "sorry to those who wanted to play part 2". Do you mean that you arent going to make it? Or did you mean you put it off to remake the first?

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guy below me.

the red fuse is near the book case on the side. just click the shadow.great game.

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Jul 5, 2009
10:18 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click