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Green's Adventure

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Author Comments

This interactive story is about a Kitten called Green, it sure is swell.

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thats a nice story there man, thanks for writing it about me.
the writing was a bit difficult at times to read, but I managed.

Those damn golliwogs are always blocking me from getting those cookies!!


I like cookies too!

Not great.

The words were hard to read. The interactivity was good, though.

Good...With Improvement.

It's A Good Idea, The Interactivity.
However The Words Weren't Very Clear And It Seems As Though Not Much Detail Or Planning Has Gone Into This.
You Can't Really Call It "Animated"
But With A Few Tweaks And Improvments You Could Make This Into A Newground Worthy Flash :D


we had a kitten called green, but he was hit by a car...