The Little Firecracker

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I was planning on doing a Michael Bay style of the Fourth of July but I thought that I could never do the guy justice after watching one of his films. I did this in celebration of Independence Day. The day our fore fathers decided that "Enough is enough and its time for a change." I know I got that from a Canadian, Owen Hart. God rest his soul.

With this I just want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day and yes there were firecrackers harmed in the making of this short.



had a few C&C death screams in it....i like it


You should make some new screams like record em yourself. I mean common those are the most overplayed screams

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It's very good, but could you change the sound of the fireworks so there are different sounds. The same loop gets annoying after the first few times.

Nice idea...

And nice animation too but a few things bothered me:
The backround sounds were too loud and the main sounds were loud too.
I think that he should say something too like: "Please have mercy" or something like that.

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Pretty good

Happy 4th to you too ;)

I like the art a lot. Nice style you have there.

I would have alternated the sound effects more though, need more variety there. It got annoying hearing the same few sound sover and over. Also, the sounds don't stop at the movies end.. it's just an endless loop.

But with the only problems being the sounds...who gives a damn?

Nice job!

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Jul 4, 2009
9:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original