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Tower Defence v.2 :D

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well erm my last attemp of this game was as we all no a bit crapy but ive read through all ur reviews and put in the gooood stuff :D lol erm the health does work its just a little slow and errm wel i guess thats it have fun if u have any further improvments drop em in :) and erm have fun .


wow easy to cheat much?

giving this a 3 just cause it's a tower defense game but um yea I his the upgrade button by accident and watched my score go up so I did it again.... and again... and again as you go threw the waves you get more at first you get 50 or what I saw then at wave 5 it goes to 80 and so on with seemingly no limit to how many times you can

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It Has Potential

You might also want to introduce a sell feature

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With effort...

...it could become a great tower defence ! It needs graphics, more variety of turrets/monsters/maps, sounds. Also, make harder enemies give more gold instead of always $1. And it takes too long for a monster (after reaching the end of the map) to remove health from you and come back to the map.


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Try harder

There are so many games like this that you should be able to make a great game just by playing one. They have mostly everything it takes to be successful on one of these games. You made all of the weapons balanced, which would be a good thing if the third weapon did not cost significantly more than the first one. also the health does not actually go up as posted.

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It's not you,

It's everyone else. So many Tower Defence games, my standards for them are insanely high.

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2.22 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2009
7:26 AM EDT
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