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Blondeninja VS Bluepuppet

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Hey everyone! this is my verry first flash! took me a little over two weeks but i got it finished! so yea there you go.
This is a little short about Blonde ninjas day
if you are confused on were he goes. its a closet!
so thats it see ya around



tHIS IS epic

1 thing 2 say...

best flash evar

BlondeNinja responds:

really? thanks!


This is too short!Improve your flash points before you submit your flash for the second time.And also,your going to the next room,and its not a closet!

BlondeNinja responds:

what???? how is it not a closet?
and i only submitted it once!?

um ok then um no

well it lacked any real story line was very short and point less next time try adding a plit and a storyline that ya know makes sense 0 from me to you

BlondeNinja responds:

STORY:Blonde ninja is watching tv he gets up to go get blue puppet.
he goes into his closet to get him. When he finds him he tells him to get is hand off him. ninja gets mad. throws blue puppet onto the ground creating a big kaboom. then ninja lets out an evil laugh!

Expecting more...

From the music at the begining i thought it was going to be a battle but when it turn into thr scene where the ninja was watching TV i was really disappointed.

BlondeNinja responds:

im sorry but this was a comedy flash.
next ninja stuff will have battles

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1.57 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2009
4:00 AM EDT
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