Fancy Dog: 15

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Fancy Dog saves the Forest!

-Note: If you do not know the story, I encourage you to watch the previous episodes-

Fancy Dogs trip to the moon was a success but he had to return back to the planet to save the forest which was in danger. Will Fancy Dog be able to save the creatures of the forest from this evil and bad danger??

edit: awesome, 7th place! So awesome for a comeback to Fancy Dog!

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fancy dog went to the gym a lot lately didn't he. HI JAKE

BobtehLog responds:


Pure Sex

It's just so sexy

BobtehLog responds:

Totally, check out those muscles!

ts kinda good

I don't know what the hell that was.But:
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Here's your 5 and I'm outa here...

BobtehLog responds:

I'm glad you liked it!


I dont know if it was Good Or Bad

BobtehLog responds:

Go with good.

*insert praising title here*

Never, EVER, have I seen Fancy Dog so muscular, so fit, so ultimately ready to get things done - Doggy Style! He's been in the gym, hasn't he? You slave drivers! Get that dog out of the gym! He doesn't belong there! He can't even stairmaster!
Loving the seriously dramatic pretence of the pieces and the new little quirky intro-ish thing. CUTE CHIBI SUN FTW! Even HE is a friend to Fancy Dog. Which makes me wonder how Fancy Dog has made friends with the sun without getting burnt to a crisp, but anyway. I hope they have enough water to hose down the mess he made of that forest.
Also, random squirrel listening to music pwns all. It's like Foamy, only real. Thumbs up.

BobtehLog responds:

Yes, he's been to the gym and he has been working hard. It's a bummer he took steroids.

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3.36 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2009
11:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Original