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Chub 1 and the Voices

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Author Comments

Before you start whinning, I didn't steal this animation from pmat. He's currently animating the chub series, go check his stuff out.

Enough of advertisements. I was hanging out at his house with some homies and we decided to record some funny voices to implement his first flash: 1: Chub and the Amulet. We did this in one try but it turned out to be hilarious. Don´t play attention to pmat spelling mistakes, I mean, it's not my fault.

So yeaaah... Just watch it and I´m sure you´ll enjoy it. Reviews are apreciated.


And now I am going to search for revenge

Voice acting is obviously sounds like its done by one person trying to manipulate his voice into 2 different characters with an odd lisp. LOL
my eye twitched 0_<

The voice acting is kind of annoying and the animation relies on that and the captions
.....so odd I didn't get through the whole vid

Trom responds:

The voice acting was made by 4 differents guys and only in two hours so it wasn't expected to be good but thank you for the advice I'll do better in the next one.

I think you should do what your good at

The voice acting is poor and the backgrounds are aswell. But the fighting scenes are above decent. I think you could do very well at making battlevideos, without long stories behind it. Just place a nice beat behind it and there you have a nice video.

Greetz Duba

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Well... u are gonna have a big + for the fighting scenes and the action. i really liked the action scenes. the story wasnt bad either but to long way to show it. it would been enough with a text where the whole story was explained and you could have shown like just pictures or small animations in the side. well i really liked the characters and the fighting scenes. but it would been better if you made a new story, where it was more fighting and less takling. and maybe better sound effects and better blood. but then it would make a great series. I REALLY liked the action scenes so keep em up. but i wouldnt mind making a new story with more action and more like brutal action more blood more people getting killed. maybe like a new era of diffrent madness :d

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Not too great.

Ok coloring
Worth watching
Ok animation

Bad grammer
Good syncing, then gets bad
Audio could be better

This isn't the worst thing in the world, but a lot better could have been done. The grammer wasn't good for start. It was synced up pretty good, but then it wasn't synced up at all. And also, the audio could've been smoother. Sounded like maybe you were talking too close to the mic. It's not all bad though, the coloring was alright, the animation was ok, just a little shaky though, and it was worth watching. It wasn't boring, so that's why I watched it. 2/5, 5/10, try a little harder next time. I always recommend watching the flash first before you upload it, that way, you know if there are any problems before hand.

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Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2009
8:52 PM EDT
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