Ninjas vs Pirates collab

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thank you for watching this pice of fine collab

it`s mainly a collab about ninjas and pirates fighting,
nothing is cooler than ninjas and pirates and this thing combines them , so enjoy

it was organized by Hellosmartguy and put together by sPace

ps: it is an egg somewhere in there :3

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Holly Molly

This shit was cooler than both clint eastwood and chuck norris TOGETHER!
Also, I am gay.

good job, but all of you guys need to calm down.

First of all, all of that crap about ninjas moving at the speed of darkness and having massive arsenals of deadly weapons is entirely inaccurate. Historically speaking, ninjas were strung out teenaged opium junkies who would be paid for each job they preformed in a miniscule hit of opium, and if they were lucky, a small meal and a place to sleep for the night. Not that pirates were any better. There have been very few pirates who spent any amount of their time sober enough to walk, much less fight assassins. Albeit the ninjas had more advanced swords, whereas the pirates had the kind of accurate and deadly firearms and grenades that most military forces in asia could only dream of at the time. In truth, there is no accurate way to predict who would win, in the end it would boil down to environment and experience.


Looks like the ninjas got him.


Not to sound like an ass, but I know you guys can do better. Besides, whats up with everybody trying to create a collab?

TheRedLightning responds:

i think it`s because collabing is awesome :D

are you kidding me?

this battle would be won by ninjas becase, A: ninjas can move at the spped of darknees. that's faster than the speed of light! It takes 8 minutes for light to go from the sun to earth, what's already there then? DARKNESS.
B: pirates have primitive pistols, swords, hooks and cannons. Ninjas have swords, sirkuens, and over 250 other dealy weapons, and can hold about 50 of them.
C: pirates sometimes lack focus, ninjas are masters at focusing and in fact, can bend darkness and reality.

Ninjas: 12 Piriates: 3 Ninjas PWN

i suppose the only edjes pirates have are larger numbers (sometimes) and the power to go crazy. Also their guns are primitive but could take out 3-4 ninjas before the pirate is dead.

I suppore the balance is like Nijnas 60% chance of winning, pirates 52%.

So, if you think about it, it all depends on command, and numbers.

Well, actualy..... *does some math and crap* more like ninjas 70%, pirates 68%

so it's VERY close but ninjas have more weapons and stealth. That's about it. Very close battle.

TheRedLightning responds:

wow, you have given this quite a taught, thanks for the review :D

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Jul 3, 2009
10:48 AM EDT