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4/7/09 EDIT: Thanks everyone, for all the reviews! They're like my motivational posters ^^

Wahey! Lets start with some stats... If you're not interested, begin at the line made of hyphens (-)
23 days in the making (many, many, MANY precious hours of my summer... gone... forever...)
5687 Frames
(was previously, until I compiled it ALL into 1 scene) 16 scenes, 9 of which were segments of the actual animation itself (the other 7 are the introduction, etc).

So in short, I'm somewhat satisfied with what I've done. I began with the intent of doing an animation where the graphics look good (in my flash A Thousand Frames, it was somewhat fluid frame by frame, which was good, but I wanted to attempt something... even better), so here it is!


Ok, so here we go. This animation is about a mole, his hole, etc, and began as a little sketch that had me make little drawings of the afore stated things... Then I decided this would (genuinely... I've had thoughts like this before which I never followed through) be a potentially alright animation idea.

Then I tried drawing the mole (miserable failure) and finally, decided on a decent-ish looking one. The one you'll see (or have seen) in the animation.

Then a month or so later after my exams, I had the opportunity (yay) to actually work on it.

It's not particularly hilarious (although I made meager attempts here and there), and it's not necessarily the best animation. Ok, it's definitely not the best animation out there. Out of my work though, I think it is =)

Please note that there are 4 easter eggs hidden around the movie, but I'd appreciate if you didn't just hold tab throughout the movie in an attempt to find them all. I reveal all in the credits, so just hold on tight, enjoy the movie the first time round, watch it again because you realize that I didn't sing to it (as I originally planned, but scratched the idea), and how the music wasn't done That well, get into the basic rhythm and animation, and finally, find all the easter eggs, i put hard work into them =)

Anyways, I've run out of things to say for now, but I may very well add stuff as time goes on... so... Enjoy, review, rate =)

P.S. The name has the :'s around it because the name "The Mole" is already taken =(

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this was awesome i allways watch this 10/10

blackcat2000 responds:

Oh? I'm honored!

Cute :)

This is a very cute flash (I just like moles, heh), the graphics and the animations look very good and the lyrics are funny.

The bad thing about this flash is that it's hard to read the lyrics and watch what is going on on the screen at the same time. So someone who reads or sing along to the music would be a good thing to have.

{ Review Request Club }

blackcat2000 responds:

It all started when I drew some things about shrubs, clubs, cub, and the such in my rough book... a couple months later I did something similar with moles, souls, etc. Then decided it'd make a good animation =D
And the voice actor is something everyone sees as lacking in the animation... no worries, I'll get one if/when I do another submission akin to this one =D
Thanks for the review! (and yeah... it was difficult to get the mole so he looked... meagerly cute ._.)

Not bad.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The animation and graphics were decent all around. Couldn't see too many problems with them if any. Not the best, but obviously not bad in any manner.

~ Story/Content ~

The story itself was kind of humorous and the submission was a little entertaining. Like you said yourself, nothing amazing or really funny, but not bad. A good idea for a flash all around. It may have gotten a little boring, but I have an explanation of why I think that in the next section of my review.

~ Audio ~

Voice actor please. :P This got kind of boring to read all the time. It wasn't a lot of reading, but it would have sounded so much better with a voice actor in it. I think that would really help make this enjoyable.

The music was very well synced with the animation. Good job on doing that so well.

~ Overall ~

Good all around and a voice actor in it could have made this a lot better. Keep up the good work.

~ Review Request Club ~

blackcat2000 responds:

Yeah, these were the main problems I was hoping wouldn't be *too* crucial in submitting it like this (although obviously they were important) but for me, since I didn't quite want to deal with getting a voice actor and the such Yet, I had to decide whether to put in bad voice acting by me, or none at all =P
A counter balance to that was I also hoped there wouldn't be too much to read... Although on the other side, there's an animation going on I wanna watch, but here I am stuck, reading the subtitles. Either way, if i ever do a piece similar to this in nature, I'll definitely consider getting a proper voice actor =D
Thanks for the review!

Good job

Good job with this one man, really enjoyed watching it. Though my favorite part of the flash was the writing, which had great meter, and with a graet piano playing along with the tempo of the writing, it sounded even better, great job with that.

The animation was good, like you said it isnt the best animation ever, but it still looked very well done.

The plot was good as well, a bit stale at the beginning, but it got more interesting and humorous later in the flash, good job with that.

Excellent work here man, 5/5 from me, keep up the good work! :)

.·´¯`·-> Review Request Club <-·´¯`·.

blackcat2000 responds:

Yay for actually trying to plan out a flash =P
I have around 4 versions of the song (not including the total failures) where they were just that slight bit off tempo and I had to redo them. Urgh.
I think part of it being more interesting is when I decide to kick myself into making something that isn't necessarily easy to animate, as I tended to slip into in the beginning, as it is infinitely easier to keep a relatively static picture on the screen for a few seconds than to animate 11 moles getting plowed through by Molus.
Glad you liked it, thanks for the review! =D

They're called colons ;)

Not a bad piece, but it certainly could have used voice acting to get it all working together nicely. The piano / keyboard mole song was too quiet, especially when the flames of hell started to flicker.

If you added the lyrics to the piece, you'd end up with something that sounds a lot better and has another dimension. That way, you could expand it to some sort of mini chapters, where the mole acts it out, then part of the song comes in and carries us to the next part. How about that?

It's got potential, but sadly, it's not quite there yet.

[Review Request Club]

blackcat2000 responds:

I know they're colons, it's easier for everyone to understand if I refer to them as :'s though =D

The voice acting was indeed something I tried again and again... it was just difficult to get the right pitches (me+singing=bad) and to get the right timings... There would usually be a line or two which was just a split second after or before they should be, making it sound really odd.

And I'm not entirely sure what you mean by lyrics, since my piece had 'lyrics' to it. Although really, this piece indeed had around 13 'mini-chapters' (except with the song throughout) which were individual scenes... it lagged a ton so eventually I took the painstaking effort to put it allll into one scene.

And yeah, I'm still working on my animation =P
Thanks for the review!

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Jul 3, 2009
8:48 AM EDT
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