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Test My History

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How to play Test My History: Move the timeline (or timeline overview for speed) with your Mouse and drag the images to the correct years.

What do you think? Too hard? Too boring? Let me know!

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Actually, i'm terrible in dates, since i can't even remember my parents or relatives birthdays, so this so not for me.
But, it seems a good way to learn a few things.
Everything is well done, no complaint about that.
The only negative point, in my opinion, is that you don't give the answer when it's wrong. I know, you can find it yourself, internet is here for that...But i think a tiny window opening when you're wrong, giving a few trivia facts about the event, or other close events as hints would definitely be an improvement.
You know, just to prevent the kid to google the event and to dumbly copy the date without thinking a little bit.
And overall, yeah, it's boring. But learning dates IS boring, unless you're passionate about history or specific events...So, i guess this can't be helped. But i bow at the effort.


Great programming, great interface, but HORRIBLY BORING. Nobody wants to play an educational Flash game.

Well, since you are asking...

Wonderful interface, great programming, but incredibly boring gameplay and while the music could have been more "exiting" it just seems to make everything even more boring. This is one of those things you really want to rate higher, but you just feel that you would be betraying yourself.
My suggestion is that you could make things more exiting by using brighter colors, more lively music and crazier sound effects. You know... more like a game, than a history lesson.

But great work, just not my thing and thus impossible for me to look upon at a general point of view.

Fun game.

I enjoyed how there was a set score limit even if you were off by a few years.

The game was fun but I can see how it would get boring quickly. Next time maybe give the answers when one got it wrong, I would find that interesting at least.

Harder than I thought

This sounded like something that would be easy but I was horrible. Good luck to anyone who can get them all right.