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Nelkin is planning something devious, and its up to you, SpaceFlyer, to stop them!

Been working on this game since mid october, and I finished it in April, but never got around to submitting it til now.

SpaceFlyer comes fully featured with a ship editor and sweet gameplay! After you beat all four levels, submit your score to the leaderboards!


Use your mouse to navigate the menu's and control your ship. Also, in the ship editor, the arrow keys as well as the mouse wheel rotate the currently selected block.

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I cant really call this game good, its like a cheap version of some old atari game, not that atari is bad and i agree with midnightbomber, the ships look exactly like the gummi ships from kingdom hearts

bad, bad, bad game !

It's the first flash that managed to completely block my computer. There was a level when there were way too many bullets on the screen for my computer to manage. If you make a game, first think of what might go wrong and then release it.

another gimmick to make you buy a turbo controller

as the AVGN would put it
why cant we hold down the button and shoot...
better yet why cant it shoot by its own... like auto fire...

if you played frantic (on newgrounds) you would know...

2nd what is the goal in the game.. why do you lose life when ships pass the screen and not when you touch them...
are you defending something? then why are do you have a destination on the map?
3rd cant find the mute button... the music is making my ears bleed!
4th, boss battle... i didnt even need to kill him.. and he went away... wheres the satisfaction of killing a boss! >:(
5th artwork, its...mmm meeeh.. 5/10? its not really BAD i mean i can make out what they are... but.. still it can be improved on
6th... voice acting.. seems a little... softspoken-ish... the annoying techno music is so loud bout the voices are so soft.. it should be the other way around!
(or an option for us to adjust the sound would be good too)

Submitting your Score

The NO button doesnt seem to be working...so you have to submit your score. Other than that good game...Just very short and the upgrades are very limited and yeah i agree the story SUCKED. Go play Wing Commander and use their story.

DrRobot responds:

Fixed the button

Gummie ships

It's the flash version of the gummie ship mode from Kingdom Hearts. I didn't get far, but I could tell that had to be the inspiration. Anywhos, it wasn't a bad game. Pretty much balance, though it could use some improvments on the upgrades.