Eligh's Dark Fable

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The Workshop Of The World is a new production initiative with an already expanding group of members, ranging from writers, animators, background designers, voice actors and a girl who makes us tea.

This initial project, Eligh's Dark Fable was created by myself (MikeStand) and my good friend Jaffaz. The animation on the pages is by Jaffaz, based on a poem by myself, which I encased in a book using Macc's actionscript.

I hope you watch it all, enjoy and give us some feedback.




Its was great i give the creator major props

Very good!

Watched it twice before I could stop, great animation and even better story, a bit creepy and yet fun as well.


But the buggy streaming annoyed me.

The story doesn't feel complete...

It's too uneventful and the wispering voice throughtout, though appropriate at times, shouldn't have been used for the whole thing. Compared to others though, this deserves to live.

I liked it

First, the things I enjoyed about it. I enjoyed the way the story was told and the ambient music in the background. I liked the interactive part of turning the pages. The pressing of the play button is a good idea, in a way it allows the reader to go at their own pace, though the video continues onward, they can start it when ready.

A couple of items perhaps that could be fixed. While I enjoyed the video and the page turning I think that maybe the video shouldn't react to the mouse over on the corner of the page until it is clicked. A few times I started the movie and while the video is nice they are a bit long, so when I was halfway through it it would stop on the mouse over and I would want to see the end of the small video. Also I think maybe a few sound effects might be nice. Just to add a little something. Like when the boy steps on the branch, the creaking of the door, the scream he gives at the end... all of those might add more to it. Even if it is just those few effects they might add an added 'scare' factor.

Over all though it was nicely done.

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4.10 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2009
5:50 PM EDT
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