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in a world where the mundi heating takes care our youth, we have that in hiding of the fears of toilet soap scat, even so a gnu dares to go against the faculty and is attacked and yellow farts onion im from patagonia


(title in work)

For winning the Treasure Hunt 2009, I was pretty disappointed by this. First off, the sound quality is just terrible. Grainy and annoying to listen to at a decent volume. It really lacked any sort of storyline and was just a bunch of random animations slapped together, which just doesn't cut it for me. Not really comical or that entertaining. A bit disappointing.

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I kept thinking his was pretty much a quick trippy summing up of life. Simply because we are raised, leave into a strange world, buy a car, get a girlfriend, DEATH.

I freaking love your movies man, seriously.

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que confusão

o que aconteçeu mesmo, ah foi foda, ele foi criado por uma flor, pegou carona na canela dum cara, trabalhou de adubador de arvores, um jege pagou ele, ele comprou um caça pra caçar baleias, foi cuspido por num sei o que e d pois se apaixonou por um dragão, fizeram vc sabe o que e o dragão botou um ovo hexagonal... fim

golfinho responds:

kk eu fiz e nem tinha reparado q ele fez tudo isso, eu ia fazer ate ele morrer de vilhece mas fiquei com preguiça.

Well look at that.

I quite liked this. Showed a sort of generic and repetitive notion to life.

Absolutely bizarre, but wonderful nonetheless.

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the transitions and music

the transitions you made for this were really quick and flowed, but i didnt like how it just ended, lol i wanted to see what would happen next.

i wish it has a little more plot.

also the soundtrack to this sounds like my music appreciation class's listening list haha

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Jul 2, 2009
1:37 PM EDT