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Hey, this is my first animation with Flash. I re-drew every frame of the whole animation[164 frames 10fps].It took awhile, i spent a whole day (strait, no breaks) working on it, and then some. All-in all I am proud of it. Please, if i did anything wrong-or just some helpful feedback would be EXTREMELY helpful.


nice man

Good for a first time flash vid and it was really intence with the blood and the music (which was awsome by the way) so overall very well put together.

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really good!!!

the music was awsome!!!!
I also liked the little flash symbol in the end

indesisive responds:

Ha yea i was hoping someone would notice that.

Nice dude!

Thing are going well for you and its good to see it!

indesisive responds:

Yea now lets see you do some flash! pleaaase common dude hahaa

Not bad

It was very good for a first flash. I liekd the metallic theme you gave it, though I still feel the need to give you some critiques:

Music was great for what it was, but I watched it twice and still didn't really understand it. It struck me as the type of thing you'd see in some crazy satanic acid trip or something, if it had more color, at least. I'm glad to see you're doing FBF, as I always am, but constant FBF can be very tiring if you're going to do anything longer, and especially with a plot, although Theboogly definitely pulled it off. Just try to make background color transmissions smoother, in this case it could've been done with a simple shape tween, but you're at a good start. Try out a plot or doodle out some characters of your own, make a few comics of them for awhile until you've got some original characters who you can reference to their pasts without making stuff up on the spot, it really fleshes characters out if we know they have more to them than we know.

10 and 5 for effort and a great start :D

indesisive responds:

Yaaay chad reviewed my viiid. Hahaa thanks dude. The video itself was kind of a test and, well i dont even know. Well thanks for the feedback, and also expanding my acronym vocabulary 0.o I doubt ill do any whole films in Frame By Frame but i do enjoy that kind of animation.

You are on the right path

I think you could really go somewhere with this! The transitions were great, I really liked them. But maybe you should make it flow a little better, some of it was just random, and I think that everything should relate to the thing before it. But it's your flash, not mine (and a good one, too).

indesisive responds:

Yes, I will indeed go some where... on my traaaain of imaginationn.

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Jul 2, 2009
12:12 AM EDT
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