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**EDIT** Woah daily 5th? Thanks everybody!

Just a series of projects I did during my first year animation course. I slacked off a lot in that class but I'm still happy with some of the stuff I made.

Most of the stuff in here is different types of walk cycles and inbetween tests. Some of the inbetweens are from old Disney movies if you recognize the characters. Anyways rate, review, and hopefully enjoy.

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I agree with fjgamer. fjgamer is not saying htat the art work or anything shown is bad what fjgamer said is not useless if you take it the positive way you can see it's actually useful it will help Laura (ArtistGamerGal) improve. the original paper pencil animation is easier to view than to make true she did not have a story but she had several and it says Pencil [Test] Animation Reel oh serves the boy right for throwing rocks at the dogs face lol the way the cat walks very elegant my score 4/5 8/10

Not bad.

A side note, Digipen seems to promote its students to do a lot of interesting projects. I saw the original Portal project on the Digipen site.

This is a nice little demo. I see you have some skill with a pencil. I also see you can do frame-by-frame animation. I don't see any story, though, and it seems to just be a reel of random animations. You get a 3/5 for this. It's not bad.

good work!

i draw a bit myself, but not enough to even want to try FbF yet... by far you have beat me in a pencil drawing. i still haven't made my first real flash yet either... still learning the tablet, and as far as i know, i still suck at computer art, traditional is still my best. maybe one day ill be as good as you! when i see a full FbF animation/series i'll definitely think of you as a MASTER


This is the exact potential I was talking about. You have a wonderful gift, can't wait to see more XD


FBF is the only way to go! Keep it up! I can't wait for your first series!

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Jul 1, 2009
6:59 PM EDT
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