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2008-2009 Multi Portfolio

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First off im sorry for the no preloader but it was too hard to work in.

So i don't know if this is worthy of a score above a 1.99 but I just wanted to post what i learned in my sophmore Multimedia computer class. However, this is all mouse drawn and done on a desktop computer on an actual desk in school, which is actually easier to work with than my art easel. I think this has like 130 layers and 80 tweens i didnt count, but i know its alot. It also has some simple actionscripting. I think the best section is the voiceover because theres no tweening just replacing the mouth alot. Well i hope you dont think its a total waste of time for the people who watch it

that voiceover line is from Will Ferrel in Talladega Nights, i dont know if its copyright


Not bad.

Most of the animation was quite smooth (except for the car)
and the voiceover was very well-synced.
Keep it up!

Kilgorn responds:

thanks, as i said before there isnt alot of work in this because flash was about 1/3 of the class (the rest was fireworks and dreamweaver) and there were only six projects that only took about two class periods each

actually, i didnt say that before


I'm not realy saying this to get you down, but if you say you follow multimedia class, then you should be able to do much more.
I too studie multimedia, so i know what I'm takling about.
I think that every one that studies multimedia learns what collors can be combined,
how to make some thing look beautiful and stuff.
For example the buttons, brown+white+grey and a black border?
I hope you see for yourself that those collors dont work together.
I'm almost gonne put my portfolio on soon too. Then you can see what i'm talking about.
I'm not saying that i'm the best or good at all, but i just want to say that when you take multimedia class you should know better.

Kilgorn responds:

okay i know what youre talking about and its good advice but this was a sophmore class so sadly it did not require much effort on the part of the students and the class was taught by a football coach and existed mainly for the tech credit, so i didnt work that hard but still got an A becuase i was able to comprehend what actionscripting was plus in that class there were people worse than me, and thats pretty scary, if you could see them youre eyes would bleed.


makes perfect

Kilgorn responds:


on it

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Jul 1, 2009
3:01 PM EDT
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