Capture The Flag: Ep 3

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*NOTE* You absolutely need to see the previous episodes to watch this! View them here:

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/396360

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/418121

The first chapter of CTF finally concludes! After over a year of working on this on and off, I give you CTF3! The talented voice cast includes MysticShinHanku, Rina-Chan, Sqwuib, P3RFECT, Kain-Ceverus, Edwyn Tiong, and new additions Deven Mack and Mellisa D. Johsnon!

Just under 15 MB, this mammoth of a flash is 10 minutes in length so make sure you have time to commit! Theorize, analyze, and hypothesize because Capture the Flag is a puzzle that needs solving! Please vote and review, I hope you all enjoy!



You've got a bit of a problem

Now I can understand that you are trying to make a strange mysterious and dramatic story.
But there is a difference between a mysterious story and one that makes no sense.
You put enough of suspense in the first two episodes.
But in this one you put in so much that it's gotten boring.
Now the suspense worked well in the first two but I was really hoping you would answer at least some questions in this one.
But you didn't (or at least you've made it hard to find the answers) and you've only opened even more questions which is really starting to make this very redundant.
Because of the big mysteriousness to this it makes no sense.
Now the story is just about the only problem in this movie.
It has very good voice acting, Animation, character and background design.
Plus a bit of humor.
But the story really makes this not as good as it could be.
Now in the nest one please if you are going to make more mysteries at least answer the several ones you've already made.
Now this movie had it's problems that needed to be fixed.
And I'm hoping that you do that in the next episode.
Until then please take my advice.

Aeonstars responds:

The story's the most important part to me. It is the core. I have it all figured out. I'll admit to you right now, IamWeird, that I do not like the explanation for why Evan survived the fall. That he fell through a link of "betrayal" and the emotion he felt broke his fall. It's a little too narniaesque for my tastes even though I wrote it.

However, that reason simply fits too well into the mythology of CTF I have planned out. It's part of the bigger picture. There is a place in the forest called "Keeper's Edge" locked behind some door and now they have the key. They're looking for answers to the mysterious properties of the forest and they themselves admit to not knowing why there is a talking dragon or a phenomenon that would allow someone to survive a 20 something story fall. I understand your frustration but telling me the story makes no sense is like kicking me when I'm down. I'm already feeling like CTF3 has been swept under the rug on this site and now the fans are lashing out as well. It's incredibly unmotivating.

You're giving me constructive criticism in a polite way and that's why I've chosen to respond to your review instead of some others. I like stories that are confusing when the information is there, it just takes multiple viewings to figure it out. What I don't like are irresponsible writers drumming up stories with Deus Machinas every two seconds and making a mess of their creations. I say this defensively -- this is not a mess. This is not the finale. The answers are there. Look for them.

Boop Boop Bee Doop

It's unfortunate that people would complain about this episode but it was obvious they would, it's the middle ground, you can't explain too much and it leaves people feeling a little betrayed but well... Too bad for them, if they stick around they'll get the answers that they crave.

Animation: Scarf and the man in white look fantastic, Evan and all the others may need a little bit of an update in my opinion but eh, up to you really. Some of the animation looks great but certain scenes didn't look right as the characters looked really 2 dimensional (I know it's a 2d animation but stfu XD)

Sound: Everyone did fantastic in their roles (Cept me of course :3), Mystic is still a freaking champ in my eyes <3 Music choices were great and I love hearing Kiwifish's work you got a talented guy doing songs for you ^_^ Although his last song, as Mystic pointed out was just a touch too loud >_< And also as Mystic pointed out, the crash scene needed a few hurt sounds.

Story: Oh you devilish bastard, leaving us with even more questions :3 Seriously love the story though 8D

Can't wait for the next part (WHO DIES DAMNIT!?!?) and I can't wait to record again, as I really wanna improve on Nigel and Troy... Gotta make them perfect!


Before veiwing:
Wait....2 days on the portal and still no frontpage? This series is the BEST! Frontpage this thing!

After Viewing:
NEED....More.....Hopefully, the next one's gonna be out much quicker than this one...

I give you a 10 for story and style, but I have one complaint: fix the lip syncing. I know you can do it.

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The entire serie looks good

But I don't get to understand the dialogues at all (I am not american, nor english). If you added subtitles, it would be great.

Or atleast write a synopsis for every chapter or something. I still like the animation style, thou.

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-befor viewing-about time i wanna know if he survives the fall
-after viewing-holy crap you look like shit, i look beutiful lol

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