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Pokemon: Pee Red Version

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HEY WASSUP. It's been a loooong while since I've submitted. Boy, did this one ever take a while. Not even really because it was hard to make or anything, but just because there were so many damn delays, like losing my computer for a month; or not being able to piece the two halves of it together for another month (the movie's been technically finished since May!), but I pulled through and am now able to bring you my first epic project WIF VOYSE AKTORZ AN EVRYTING. Oh by the way super special thanks to sonicmega and FatKidWitAJetPak for doing the voices! :D They also want you to know that they recorded these a while back and are even MORE amazing now.

The movie is about 10 minutes long without the intro, credits, and bonus feature depending on how fast you read the non-voiced bits. This is my final parody, so I went out with a bang. I filled it with references, and I know that'll turn some people off but I think it works well. Whatever, it'll all be well when I start on my new, ORIGINAL series.

Special thanks to Nerd-02 for making the Oh Damn song, HellboundNinja for making the Bellawesome userpage banner on my account, and anyone that's in the special thanks section of the credits!

Hey yo can you folks recommend this for the Pokémon Collection? Kthx.


EDIT AGAIN (7/28/09): Aha! It appears I've snuck my way into the Top 50! >:) I don't know how; I mean I was 187th or something not too long ago, then all of a sudden I was creeping up all the way as high as 35th! :o It never showed itself in the actual Portal for whatever reason, but now it has. :) I will enjoy the 30 minutes it has left there; I already took a screenshot. <333

EDIT ONCE MORE: If you would like to see this with commentary by me and the guy that made Oh Damn; YOU NOW CAN thanks to one night of boredom and realization that my friend had an old microphone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQmLJs1OmU8

EDIT THE FOURTH (4/22/10): Huzzah, I hit 100,000 views! And what's more, when I first saw this, I had 1,337 favourites! Score! :D


uhhh good

its fine

OrangePylon responds:

It's alright... but I'll give it a 1 to be different.

couldnt watch the whole thing

it was just way too boring, and unfunny. it looked like you tried to be reminiscent while being witty, but it was just a fail flash, im sorry. i stopped watching after the whole groudon drowning thing. i dont know how much left there was, im glad i dont have to watch any of it again though!

OrangePylon responds:

While it doesn't make any of your criticisms any less valid, I do have to wave my finger at reviewing a movie that you didn't finish. For all you knew, the last half could have been the most hilarious thing you've ever seen on Newgrounds, perhaps averaging the score out to a 5 or something. It's just not giving it a fair chance, is all, but I do appreciate the critique.

Not that good

This just didnt do it for me

It should have been called Pokemon:Old meme edition

I didnt really think it was that funny or original or thought out

OrangePylon responds:

Wanna expand on that?

You can't just say "I didn't like it"; if you want me to get better, show me ways I could improve.

Your sick

The whole thing was great except for the end... THE GUY HANGS HIMSELF!!! Your twisted.

OrangePylon responds:

My twisted?

Peter hangs himself at the end so that I won't make a sequel for the sole purpose of appealing to the fantards who leave one-liner reviews not unlike yourself.

If 95% of the movie was good, it clearly should be more deserving of a 1. HUH-DOYYYYY.

Try watching a horror movie and tell me this silly little Pokémon spoof is twisted.

And to sort of quote HotDiggetyDemon: he's not real. Peter is a fictional character so I can do whatever I want with him.

If you have a troubled past involving someone hanging his or herself, then I'm sorry to have reminded you of it. I've done it to myself as well, because my dog drowned not long after this was posted, and when Groudon drowned it was a bit uncomfortable to watch again. But I obviously know that I as a writer wasn't poking fun at my dog and that it was solely for the purpose of gaining laughs. In the end, you really have to be able to laugh at any subject matter as that's what keeps us going.

You really should lighten up.

ha i loled

nice job i found the jokes to be appealing to me.

OrangePylon responds:

As did I, but I do believe that the zero to our rights can be misleading. It perhaps could have heightened your credibility to give an honest score and perhaps to leave a longer review. After all, that zero will indeed lower the review average of a flash that you apparently liked.

And with that, I bid thee farwhjxnlilxgnck-- ah, screw it. What up with the 0?

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4.40 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2009
2:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature June 30, 2009

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