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Pokemon: Pee Red Version

rated 4.40 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Jun 30, 2009 | 2:09 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature June 30, 2009

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Author Comments

HEY WASSUP. It's been a loooong while since I've submitted. Boy, did this one ever take a while. Not even really because it was hard to make or anything, but just because there were so many damn delays, like losing my computer for a month; or not being able to piece the two halves of it together for another month (the movie's been technically finished since May!), but I pulled through and am now able to bring you my first epic project WIF VOYSE AKTORZ AN EVRYTING. Oh by the way super special thanks to sonicmega and FatKidWitAJetPak for doing the voices! :D They also want you to know that they recorded these a while back and are even MORE amazing now.

The movie is about 10 minutes long without the intro, credits, and bonus feature depending on how fast you read the non-voiced bits. This is my final parody, so I went out with a bang. I filled it with references, and I know that'll turn some people off but I think it works well. Whatever, it'll all be well when I start on my new, ORIGINAL series.

Special thanks to Nerd-02 for making the Oh Damn song, HellboundNinja for making the Bellawesome userpage banner on my account, and anyone that's in the special thanks section of the credits!

Hey yo can you folks recommend this for the Pokémon Collection? Kthx.


EDIT AGAIN (7/28/09): Aha! It appears I've snuck my way into the Top 50! >:) I don't know how; I mean I was 187th or something not too long ago, then all of a sudden I was creeping up all the way as high as 35th! :o It never showed itself in the actual Portal for whatever reason, but now it has. :) I will enjoy the 30 minutes it has left there; I already took a screenshot. <333

EDIT ONCE MORE: If you would like to see this with commentary by me and the guy that made Oh Damn; YOU NOW CAN thanks to one night of boredom and realization that my friend had an old microphone:

EDIT THE FOURTH (4/22/10): Huzzah, I hit 100,000 views! And what's more, when I first saw this, I had 1,337 favourites! Score! :D



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty damn good. Loved how gay Lance's voice was.

OrangePylon responds:

His name is Lance. I challenge you to find five more homoerotic names.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

o dam! XD

OrangePylon responds:

Back to these reviews, I guess!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

POKEMON (now feathering humans)
my god... last time I watch this is when it first cam out O-O
well the only logical thing is to review it and I gotta say this shiz was good in all the right ways (insert dirty joke here) well this is actually one of my memory lane videos so nostalgic things will get the better of me in this vid.
first thing is when u start it u notice that it's just another boring azz Pokemon video that are just about every ware on the internet BUUUUT it's not and im just a total fwcking lair because the animation start in that opining and it catches u off guard were a wonderful rap scene happens in the wild. anyway... the opening is just something I always see in parodies to something so different seeing how funny it is because it has audio. he called teh pokemans stupid and the part that hit me is when he said peter was a stupid name because that's actually a good one right there. I like the little refrence with asshat when they pic Gary's name but mary was a good one a girl's name dat rhymed :D and even then witch was a good Idea he completly forgot his name after that. I could go on and on with the Chereo refrance in there but we need to move on .3.
opening: A+ :D
when it starts I love how u needed to click and u just showed a arrow to tell us what to do. IDK I just thought arrows are funny... I LIKE ARROWS THEY MAKE ME FEEL NIIIICEEEE!!! later: ohhhhh... anyway I have notice that there was Shaq fu in the super Nintendo and unfortunately peter died inside before the adventure evan began. enplane why he's such an "arse" and now we live in a world were shaq is in pokeman so... shit, and u just completely ignore ur mother and leave the house, oak is a creepy old man, marry is just a normal green hair transe gender who wants a charmander and u got a squrtil but oak once again another standered plot for a parody but just the things that was in the dialog made me laugh my azz off. but here is my only grip about the video is hat when he was walking it was not finish because that black line wasn't there and it drove me crazy for some reason. anyway marry had a groundon witch was once again a surprise me again .3. holy crap ur still reading this. cheese and crackers u got some balls. now us those balls to play some boring azz tennis. groundon drowns and I may never forget how horrible that feeling marry has.
second part: A+ why u no get bad grade in dis vid >3<
after marry became prince of belair we stumble one of the most awesome things on the internet bell AWESOME appeared outta the shade lightning fast and confuse the text box it's self witch now another thing I learned in this video. those text boxes have feelings. I can not describe that scene so I'll just call Awesome and hilarious, the man who gave u crap sounded like a drug dealer so Peter did the only normal thing that every boy would do. beat the shit outta him. Finding the wonderful man behind the counter who gave u his crap... u know what he said the scene perfectly so he already did my god damn job. the nerves of some midgets that look like dots. marry is back just because he/she can and it's ready to battle u with nothing witch is a very well done scean witch guess what made me laugh and surprise. I'M NOT REPEATING MYSELF YAAAAAY!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!! ohh ya chrmander seems awfully depress all the time beside the beginning witch is misleading.
act tree: A+ ...
now here we go flipping the bird to everyone around him and those guards are really gonna keep there jobs. and truly the mandark voice lance (villan from dexter lab if wondering .3.) is gloating peter has the best Idea I've ever seen ever and breaks the door down. what was even the thought processes of that? Finally Marry is there to tell peter how fabulous his life turn out because he sums u the hole reason why the fwck he is even there but he broke are beautiful made game and the game boy advance could not take the madness so it ended it self and so did peter.

I thought this was well thought out video, this video could have really REALLY suck if it wasn't handled carefully. if I had to describe how many meme's I saw in this was crazy but it was done very well witch is odd because doing meme's in a video usually suks but those pixels will show u the way of a good video. so I'll giv yah a 5/5 because this video suk and we all know 5/5 is the worst score to give on the internet. u should be a same of ur self.
hope there be a pokeman pee silver with zombie peter and team rocket.
OHH GOD I SOUND LIKE A GEEK WITH ALL THESE WORDS I GOTTA REDEEMED MYSELF UMMMMM... pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. Nailed it :D

Im just that crazy guy in the corner in that 5 guys restaurant. Im the bloody crazyjc5. stay ugly my freind!

OrangePylon responds:

Oh my. Thanks a lot for taking the time to write all this. Even if it was a total trip down ADD lane, it was great fun for me to read, haha.

You know, when I look back on Pee Red, I only ever see the mistakes that I made with it, and how I'm no longer as proud of it as I used to be. This review, however, has reminded me how much it means to some people -- perhaps even more than me -- and for that, I thank you.

But to actually respond to your review:

A weird fact about Pee Red is that Mary's name came from an old Flash I made when I was 12. A sort of early version of Pee Red, with worse writing and animation (yeah, it actually gets worse). I was an idiot and just thought it would be funny to name Gary a girl's name, completely oblivious to the fact that Mary indeed rhymed with Gary. So the Gary/Mary pun is actually a total dumb coincidence.

Ha, I never realized that sonicmega sounded like Mandark when doing Lance's voice. That's actually really funny.

The thought process of getting Peter to smash the doors down was simple. I needed Peter to get to the end of the game, and in a ten-minute time period. The only logical solution was for Peter to skip over everything. Otherwise I'd still be animating it today.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the... interesting review. I'm glad you're a fan, and that this movie means that much to you.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

5/5 the best parody I have seen yet. keep up the good work!!

OrangePylon responds:

My word. You must be missing out on a lot of good parodies!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Lance is dumb as hell! XD

OrangePylon responds:

Ecks dee.