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Pokemon: Pee Red Version

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HEY WASSUP. It's been a loooong while since I've submitted. Boy, did this one ever take a while. Not even really because it was hard to make or anything, but just because there were so many damn delays, like losing my computer for a month; or not being able to piece the two halves of it together for another month (the movie's been technically finished since May!), but I pulled through and am now able to bring you my first epic project WIF VOYSE AKTORZ AN EVRYTING. Oh by the way super special thanks to sonicmega and FatKidWitAJetPak for doing the voices! :D They also want you to know that they recorded these a while back and are even MORE amazing now.

The movie is about 10 minutes long without the intro, credits, and bonus feature depending on how fast you read the non-voiced bits. This is my final parody, so I went out with a bang. I filled it with references, and I know that'll turn some people off but I think it works well. Whatever, it'll all be well when I start on my new, ORIGINAL series.

Special thanks to Nerd-02 for making the Oh Damn song, HellboundNinja for making the Bellawesome userpage banner on my account, and anyone that's in the special thanks section of the credits!

Hey yo can you folks recommend this for the Pokémon Collection? Kthx.


EDIT AGAIN (7/28/09): Aha! It appears I've snuck my way into the Top 50! >:) I don't know how; I mean I was 187th or something not too long ago, then all of a sudden I was creeping up all the way as high as 35th! :o It never showed itself in the actual Portal for whatever reason, but now it has. :) I will enjoy the 30 minutes it has left there; I already took a screenshot. <333

EDIT ONCE MORE: If you would like to see this with commentary by me and the guy that made Oh Damn; YOU NOW CAN thanks to one night of boredom and realization that my friend had an old microphone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQmLJs1OmU8

EDIT THE FOURTH (4/22/10): Huzzah, I hit 100,000 views! And what's more, when I first saw this, I had 1,337 favourites! Score! :D




OrangePylon responds:

THE Fear?!


Pokemon Pee Red Story

Well the story of this Pokemon parody is:

**Spoiler Warning**

Opening Speech starts as usual, then a Pokemon Trainer where he is automatically named Peter and a Rival Trainer that looks like Gary except he paints his hair green and Peter gives his rival trainer a Feminine name: Mary as joke for Anime's Gary being lot more feminine than ever in his new mange style of newer Pokemon episode, then Peter goes chibi like everyone else in the Pokemon games in the most violent way, and everything started when Peter loses when plays Shaq-fu so he leaves his house without talking to his mother first and leaves Pallet Town only to be interrupted by Professor Oak where he pulls Peter to his lab where he tells his story: back when he is young, he has at least 100 Pokemon, but since he has no PC in the day where he is young, he simply crammed his Pokemon in the back of his house, and the remaining Pokemon are 3(Squirtle, Charmander, and Groudon) where all of them become starter pokemon(Groudon is obviously too powerful to become starter Pokemon).

then Peter picks Squirtle only to has this Pokemon replaced by Charmander as Professor Oak notices Peter chooses a Pokemon that has Advantage over his Rival Pokemon, and after Peter gets Charmander, Mary picks a Pokemon only to picks wrong one: a Grossly Overpowered Groudon while Professor Oak picks Squirte instead Groudon.

after that, Mary wants to battle with Peter where he sent out Groudon(LV. >9000) while Peter sent out Charmander(LV. 5) only to loses battle to Peter by pure accident(Groudon falls and drowned in the lake when he performs Rollout attack against Charmander) and to make this even worse, Groudon is the only Mary's Pokemon.

then, Peter walks to Route 01 then he encounters Bellawesome where He catches it, after than he meets Potion Dealer where Peter sent out Charmander to kicks Potion Dealer's nuts and he reaches Viridian City where he meets Transvestite Nurse Joy in the local Pokemon Center for healing his Pokemon and uses PC in this Pokemon Center only to plays Rick Astley's where you gonna give up, then Peter goes to Pokemart for taking Oak's Parcel, then when Peter leaves Pokemart, Pokemart's owner reads Porn Magazine, then Peter decided to go to Indigo Plateau only to fights Mary once more, but this time, he has no Pokemon so he just leaves, then Peter goes to Pokemon Indigo League by passing all the 8 guards without getting any badges needed to past those guards, then he skips all the battles with elite four by simply breaches the door behind them with his Pokemon and finally he reaches Mary where he fights Mary only to has the Mary himself sent out MissingNo which makes Pokemon games crash, then a Pistol comes out and shoots GBA where Pokemon game is played beyond repair and later revealed that Peter indeed a Real life person that plays Pokemon game that later commits suicide and that's it

**Spoiler Ends Here**

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OrangePylon responds:

I was so excited to see a long review... Why did I need a summary of a 10-minute flash cartoon? Who's going to take the time to read this but not have the time to watch the movie? It's not like you have to pay to watch it; it's free. Also, using a period now and again wouldn't hurt.

Oh, and the naming of Mary wasn't supposed to be some sort of statement about Gary in the anime. It was just a play on how people often choose embarrassing names for their rivals. There's none of that "deeper meaning" BS here.

Pokemon PC?

Rick ROlled?

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OrangePylon responds:



bahahaha oak's voice was spot on!

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OrangePylon responds:

Credit to sonicmega. <3


i first want to say that i thought that your video was very humorous i love the way you kept with the original pokemon sprite theme so it actually looked like a parody, i also see that this took a fare amount of creativity because you actually made jokes that when i played the game i thought the same thing about...
bell-awesome was infact awesome and even though alot of people are bashing you down here in the comment boxes i see you are still fair about it and listen to thier opinions unlike some creators on newgrounds that flame that those people=gay

P.S I enjoyed the memes

OrangePylon responds:

"A lot of people" seems like a bit much when I have a review average of 9.53.

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4.40 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2009
2:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature June 30, 2009

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