Raars memory Game

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It's finally here Raars Memory Game!

How to play. Just click on the cards and try to find a match. You play against a computer opponent.

Take a pair of Raars and get extra points.
Take a pair of hearts and get extra life.

Update! I've added difficulty settings so now everybody has a chance to beat the computer.
Everything is made by me as always!

If you like Raar please check out my other submissions on the portal.

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A well made game but couldn't get into it because of the childish theme.

Also a test with drawing the pictures unto box paper showed that computer cheats.

qeshi responds:


The computer doesn't cheat. The hard mode AI has a really long memory and is using a very defensive game tactic. It always draws the first card from one that hasn't been seen before and always draws the second card that has been seen.

love it

haha so u took my advice after all huh? :D

good job

the game was adorable, well programmed, ran very smoothly...and i don't agree with the first review. no toddler could play this game past level one and beat the computer. that's just ridiculous. i had trouble with it...but i am bound and determined to beat it! I though it was cute and awesome, make more stuff, you're obviously good at it!! despite what that first cockaroach said about you!

qeshi responds:

Thank you so much I really needed to hear that!

Maybe I should add some difficulty settings, so you can choose easy, medium, hard. and nightmare... hehe ^___^

Confusing, hard

First, it was confusing when the computer started playing, I thought the game was to play alone. And the computer is smart, I had difficulties beating it, it would be impossible for a toddler.


This is for little children
and I don't think 4 year olds go on Newgrounds :l

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3.17 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2009
1:50 PM EDT
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