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Ink- the game

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In my first year of uni me and three others were grouped together to advertise an imaginary energy drink. We made an advert for this which can also be seen uploaded by me on newgrounds.

I then opted myself to make a game for our website. I am aware that this game is nothing new or nothing special but it is my first ever attempt at creating a game so be nice :)

everything by me :)

enjoy :)



not a terrible game, just got old kind of fast. the worste part is the end, you collect hundreds of cans and get nothing. you should definitely add something to the end other than a loop of the main character. maybe you should add a time component at least so we can see how long it took us to collect all the cans. i also like redadder's suggestions, those could be fun. other than being kind of boring the rest was pretty good. the game worked fine, it looked alright, but could be better.

Pretty good!

The game has a pretty cool visual style. The only thing I would recommend is add some more variety to gameplay to make it more interesting for the player. Good work!


It's OK. But I think you should expand on this; adding a timer and some unique enemies to make a bit diffcult.

TheSalad responds:

i'll bare than in mind :) like i said its nothing special or new just a piece of advertisement i did for my animation course at uni... thank you for the advice though.


collecting cans? probably about as fun as collecting stamps >=/
atleast you tried. you did better than alot of others.

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2.94 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2009
9:59 AM EDT
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