The Best Years of my Life

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"The Best Years of my Life" is a game for two players, seated at one keyboard. Made in 48 hours for Mini LD #10.

Playing alone isn't recommended; the game won't make much sense if you do.


Oh i really like it)))

Especially music. Well done.

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I kinda agree with nersop.

I wouldn't have said so harshly but you certainly get away with a lot. I don't think you're latest submission is all that great. The gameplay was very simple even with two players, not to mention really short. The music was nice but if you were trying to convey the subtle tension of control between a man and a woman, the music was also useless for that purpose. Also, even for a game with an 8-bit look, I feel like the graphics could've been better. More complicated sprites or something. Some kind of sign of a major effort would've been nice really. I have a feeling that the controls getting switched up later on in the game was intended so I won't comment on that.

Now lets see how many negative votes I get because I gave an "artist" a bad review.

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after a while the wasd keys control both characters...


ok...the gameplay itself was very interesting and unique for a flash game. the big pixelly graphics are very reminisent of the old days of the atari and the repetitive music suited this theme well.

with all this in mind, i think the storyline could have been done without- due to the fact that the older games had no real storyline, you just kinda played. that and the story was just plain wierd.

a good concept but i dont think this will be a winner for you. take what you learn from this and use it to develop a better game.

Nice style

Very nice work. I like how everything changes color and how the font looks mixed with the artwork. As a game developer I would really recommend creating a single player experience as I was still compelled to play even without anyone else. I think more people would be sitting by themselves when they find this game but it is your creation and your choice to make it as you wish. This game is simply fun and brings back the feel of a real "video game"....cool!

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3.97 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2009
8:41 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle