The SuperHero Collab

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Here it is!
The SuperHero Collab.
It's been just over 2 weeks in the making and now you can finally watch it!

If you enjoyed this and have talent in animating, go to the flash forum and find the SuperVillain Collab, where you can sign up!


Now enjoy!

People who helped:
Ubercream - Who's code, I am sorry for not using :(

Other authors will be coauthored when they accept my buddy request.

Thanks for watching!


Interesting works

The piece with Captain Planet did kind of stick in my mind - I never considered that anyone would ever remember that particular children's programme.

Still, some of the animations really were just too short - come on guys, would it have killed you to add an extra 15-20 seconds? The Garbage man piece could have been condensed to one piece, with the intro, followed by the actual sketch - I'd have only considered splitting it if there were more sketches involving him.

Don't get me wrong, there were some one shot wonders that don't need any setup - batman falling off the ledge was perfect for comic timing and the other s should be made longer, to really make that piece stand out.

All in all, it's good stuff, but a few little tweaks here and there would have produced a better finished article :)

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Makeshift responds:

Thanks for the review. Those few little tweaks will be tweaked in the next collab! xD

pretty good

I can't say anything new.
some were good, some were ok, some were bleh.
that pretty much applies to all aspects of the flash.

Thanks for using my song Dimeck!!!
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/229841

if anyone cares

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Makeshift responds:


Your song has been credited now :D

Good job

Good job with this one man, really liked it. The art and animation was ok, in some submissions it lacked, whereas in others it was well done and looked very crisp and vibrant, basically it was pretty sketchy throughout.

The humor was the same way, some submissions were funny, hilarious even, whereas others were corny and dry, again sketchy.

The audio was good, the voice acting was very well done and in great quality. The music aspect was good as well, all songs used sounded great and really fit the flash, good job with that.

Good job here man, 4/5 from me, can;t wait to see more! :)

Review Request Club

Makeshift responds:

Thanks for reviewing! Appreciate your opinions :)

A bit dissapointing

To be honest, the first part was the only one that I could enjoy, the rest of them seemed like they had little to no effort into them, maybe except for Kibbl3's, sleeeeeep's and RedHarverst's part, but besides from that, most parts were REALLY bad, mediocre graphics or/and bad animation.
None of them really made me laugh, of course refering to the ones that were supposed to be a joke, because they were just an old joke or some unfunny pun. The ones that were not supposed to be funny should've been focused on animation, but the had the same problem, they were terribly animated, except for makeshift's part, that one had awesome animation and swell illustrations. In short? It's like searching for a gold ring in a garbage can.

Makeshift responds:

Thanks for the review. Everyone has opinions :)

Pretty cool.

Art/Animation: 9/10
Most of it was great and I saw some amazing FBF and inbetweening, but, like many collabs, there were bits that didn't quite cut it. It was long enough, so I think you would have gotten away with turning down people who weren't that good.

The best in this category was either Makeshift, or RedHarvest's second part.

Plot/Concept: 7/10
Not too bad, some of the scenes were really funny, some weren't. The idea of the collab was quite good, and I'd be interested to see your second collab in the series, the Supervillian Collab :)

The best in this category was Dimeck

Sound/Music: 7/10
The music choices were really good, as was the voice acting, but it was let down by some people not using voices or anything in their parts.

The best in this category was Dimeck

Overall: 8/10
Good, but like many collabs, not perfect.

[Review Request Club]

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Makeshift responds:

Thanks for the thought out review! :D

The Supervillain Collab will hopefully not disappoint!

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Jun 30, 2009
12:29 AM EDT
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