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I love you

-work by me
-some sounds from flashkit, but 80% of them were generated in the comfort of my own home
-end song-waltz of the butterflies
by some dead guy, idk, i checked and everybody thinks its made by someone different so fuck the research.

the frames that show two real life people are my in-real-life friends who took those pictures of their own consent and consent it to being on here.



it was really cool
some of the sounds killed my ears. but i guess that serves me right for using ear buds.

I wish you could have made the voices louder.

Quite evil

This was one creepy flash,the concept of it about a kid going to a mad dentist was cool but with all the different dark animations this had to offer it was very freaky & scary,overall you did an excellent job making this dark flash.

Wow Fantastic!

Shame though I wished that you would have continued the story with Billy and the dentist rather then switching over to the back-story of just the dentist. It ended so abrubtly that it left be dissapointed but wanting more as well. I think you should have fleshed out the dentist's envolment with the girls and gave them a bigger part in the story (guessing you took the easy way out and ended it quickly eh? Am I right?)

It sounded like you were banging some glasses with spoons and whatnot and that just soooooo suits the sound of the dentist just hacking away at those poor peoples teeth Kudos! You made great use of the FX.

I really enjoyed your artwork it was dark and but had a nice use of shades of red in it which I think gave it a warm feel. The text was also a nice addition at times he was so quiet it really helped me follow along but points for keeping me very interested in the story it had a nice pace but too bad about the ending.


Salad Fingers

It was well done, very creepy, but way too much a copy of Salad Fingers. The voice, the text that shows up as he talks, the naming of inanimate objects were all copied.


that was creepy as shit, man. especially at the end when he plays waltz of the butterflies...it seems that song plays when a lot of people die. loved it, can't say that I've seen anything on newgrounds that creeped me out more than this. 10/10

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3.65 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2009
11:25 PM EDT