Itachi massacre

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i didnt make any sprites its only a preview guys


I just, cant really.

Given that you didnt make the sprites, and it's a constant loop, your grammer was poor ("The armys weapon have become more advance") and it was extremely short, really it seems that although you put the effort into making it, it just seemingly isnt good enough.

The track was overused in anime, I dont even like the music. (but thats personal choice and not why you got a low score)

To improve man, next time lets see something longer, a bit more themed; metal slug sprites vs a ninja? Cmon, take some out of the other naruto games or something. It just seems shoddy man, I apologise.

3/10 1/5

oh my....

Head0n, i pray to god every passing minute that u were being sarcastic.

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herodavis responds:

what are u talking about ... u must have not seen any good sprites if u think not going head on is nice look at some final fantasy stuff

Ah yeah!

This must be the good sprites that I have heard so much about. This was a spectacle of sight and sound... sound.

for god's sake

not "Requiem for a Dream" theme for god's sake >_<... that's probably one of the most overused tracks in animations and videos... almost as much as Matrix theme..

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1.44 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2009
10:27 PM EDT
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