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...is no more. RIP.

tip: It helps to understand the reference if you go to /f/. Alternatively, look up "Machine Code" on swfchan.

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cant get over how long it has been. Time flies and it scares me how fast it goes, always busy chasing for the next best thing . . .

Billy Mays

Was truely a good guy. If you watched his show "PitchMen" you kinda got an inside look behind all the Loud voices and "Oxy" products he was a good guy.

He helped make alot of inventors ideas come a reality and to me a person that makes another's dreams come true can't be too much of a bad person.

Good bye Billy.

And good luck and prayers to his Son and Family...


And dicks.

Whothe fuck is Billy Mays?

groovy effects, kyothine.


I don't get the reference, but I still like it. It's simple and the music goes well with this.

R.I.P Billy Mays.