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I have been working on this idea on and off for several months, which is by far the longest an animation of mine has ever taken to go from scratch to completion. Since I no longer work with stick figures, animating a human figure -- even if simplified -- on 18 FPS required time and effort. Which was made even more complicated due to the camera angle changing only twice in the entire movie.

Therefore, regardless of its quality or lack of, I'm proud of the time spent working on this, and I hope you enjoy the movie.

-- Andre Navarro.

http://andrenavarro.wordp ress.com/


Amazing, simply amazing.

Awesome work man, such a good video, made me laugh ALOT, I loved the kung fu part, amazing, good job man. Keep it up.

omg that was awsome

lol i love the ninja part and the imagination part. haha!!


I enjoyed this. I'm giving it a five because I want to encourage you to keep up with animating whole humans, this was done smoothly and the character had very nice natural movement. And I'm not ashamed to admit that knowing who Tom Waits is earned points with me ;)

not bad

Not the best animation in the world but funny none the less, licked the concept, very original!

Enjoyed it!

I were honestly not expecting a lot since alot of crap gets submitted nowadays, but i enjoyed this a lot!
Well worth my time - I'd recommend spending time watching!

I like your storyline, it tells that you've spent time thinking about it. If this is your first non-stickfigure animation i'd say it has been worth both your, and my time.
Keep on practising your drawing skills and so on and i'm sure we will see some really good stuff from you eventually!


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3.51 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2009
11:01 AM EDT
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