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R.I.P. Billy Mays

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Billy Mays was a strong man, with a simple goal: to bring the world great-quality products, and of course, drastically improve the fashion industry with his patented dark, long beard and blue tucked-in shirt. And this Flash is a memorial of his great services to the As-Seen-On-TV logo. May he rest in peace.

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(title in work)

It is quite similar to many Billy Mays tributes. You even use the same image that just about everyone else used. I like to think that "To the Future" is a good title of a track to play here, since we must look there for the next great man like Billy. Also, the airplane flying by was a nice touch, as it was quite possibly that rough landing that caused Billy to lose his life.

fine i guess

well this is very similar to other billy mays tributes but anyways pretty good the animation wasnt that good reallt audio needed to be a bit sadder like a piano or something story only rip billy mays :`<

R.I.P Billy



Very similar to the other Billy Mays tribute, but as a tribute it was good. The music was good, but the writing felt a bit too happy-go-lucky for a tribute. The airplane was a good touch though.

~ Z

Should go on YTMND

Title says it, but its a neat little flash I guess.