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Crazy Dave began in the audio forum with the Monthly Voice Acting Contest 2 hosted by FatKidWitAJetPak. Using only my mouth I proceeded to make every noise you hear in this movie. After winning the contest, getting a little front page time, and making a sweet $0.16 in ad revenue, I decided to open it up to Newground's talented animators. My animation skills alone just wouldn't do Crazy Dave justice. Am I ever glad I let some others help me here, because these animators did a damn fine job. If I wasn't a broke student I would pay them grotesque amounts of gold for the happiness they've brought me. So, a couple of months after Crazy Dave was born, here is the final product! BEHOLD, CRAAAZY DAAAVEEE!!!


great clip :)

lol "but i like it when he rolls in the meat" i have to give you 9 though, for graphics near the end. keep it up guys!

love it

is aweseome

Really random, but great.

I like the noise that the mouse-over makes at the menu screen. :B
*scrolls over and over really fast*

The audio and voice acting is especially impressive in this one. It's admirable that somenoe can make ALL the sounds necessary for such a big collab. Great work, guys! ^^

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Extremely Entertaining

Wow that was awesome. the animation was amazing, the sound effects funny, everything was great. deserves a way better score and more attention.

Loved it

Yeah I agree I think a Crazy Dave 2 is in order, I loved the mixed animation, and the crazy persona's.Awesome

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4.13 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2009
12:26 AM EDT
Comedy - Original