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Potato-Chef's Mentos Ad

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The first real submission by Potato-Chef, and it's not even made in flash. Sigh :P
This is a short animation that I made in an After Effects class in College. The homework was that I had to make a short advertisement for any product that I wanted. Since I love Mentos Candy so much, I decided make it on said product. The professor said that I wasn't allowed to use copyrighted music, so I don't want to hear anybody complaining that the mentos song isn't in the animation. Tuff luck!

Otherwise, I hope you like it. Vote fair, please : )

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This was a humorous little flash,the animation was vibrant and had great detail to it and i got a good amount of laughs from it with the boy chainsawing down the innocent tree with a evil smile,overall i enjoyed this little flash very much. =)

A kid has to

get raped to get his kite back... Kite runner good book LOLOLOLOLZ

The Fresh Maker?!

More like the LumberJack Maker!

I hope you get an A ++++ - !!!



that tree shouldnt have fucked with that kids kite

I lol'd

Good first submission. Next time, you could try to make the walk cycle more than two frames, and give him arms throughout the entire cartoon. Otherwise, I have nothing to say. It was really good, and I had a nice little laugh at it.